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How many meals a day is better for an adult cat?

Once in the morning and once in the evening; each meal of dry cat food accounts for about 3-4% of the cat’s weight; for example, a cat weighs one kilogram, and each meal of cat food is 3 or 40 grams. Of course, except when they are very hungry, cats do not eat all at once. They will go out for a walk when they are a little hungry, and continue to eat when they come back when they are a little hungry; so even if the owner only feeds two meals, the cat actually eats many times.

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It is best not to feed cat food bought outside. There are various additives in it, which will damage the cat and lose the cat’s nature. If possible, you can cook some small fish mashed bibimbap (fish and rice ratio one to three), or boil an egg mashed bibimbap (egg and rice ratio one to one), or even all kinds of meat cats will eat. Cat food should be less salt or no salt.

How much cat food do adults eat a day?

Adult cats should also be 50 grams per day, which is half a spoonful of cat food spoon (or half a paper cup).

Precautions for feeding cat food:

First, kittens who meet the 4-week-old requirement can start feeding cat food. The cat food for kittens aged 4-9 weeks needs to be soaked in warm boiling water first, and then fed when it is slightly soft and rotten, which is convenient for kittens to chew and digest. Cats aged 10 weeks and later should slowly reduce the amount of warm water soaked in cat food. When the cat is fully adapted to eating dry cat food, there is no need to add water. But it is still necessary to prepare clean water next to it, so that the cat can drink it at any time when it is thirsty.

And choosing cat food is also very crucial. Yuripai cat food is made of pure natural fish meal, rice, corn and other ingredients, which are nutritionally balanced and have rich and diverse flavors, and do not give cats the opportunity to be picky eaters. High-quality grains are easier to digest and absorb nutrients by cats, and contain vitamin A, which is conducive to healthy eyesight and happy growth of cats.

For cats, meat is easier to digest than plants. This bag of Meisi cat food is added with 45% fresh beef, which is processed by 3 to cooking and maturing process, making cat food easier for cats to absorb and digest. It also adds EPA and DHA nutrients, which can promote the development of cats’ brains and make cats smarter and stronger learning ability.

When feeding the cat, you can’t sprinkle it on the ground at will. To give the cat a healthy and hygienic environment, prepare a cat bowl for the cat, pour the food into the cat bowl, and configure a small basin with clean water next to it, so that the cat can drink water at any time, which is more convenient and practical.

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