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How many liters of milk do Americans drink a day?

In the milk counters of American supermarkets, there are large and small varieties of milk products, mainly divided into three types: whole milk, reduced fat milk and skim milk. Reduced fat milk is mainly divided into 1% and 2% (meaning that the fat content is 1% or 2%). Skim milk is completely fat-free. Due to the staggering proportion of the obese population in the United States, Americans especially like to drink reduced fat milk and skim milk. These two types of milk are also the most widely stocked in supermarkets. Whole milk is less popular. The advantage of reduced fat milk, especially skim milk, is that it not only greatly reduces the intake of fat and cholesterol, but also retains other nutrients of milk. The reporter noticed that these three kinds of milk are basically added with vitamins A and D. At the same time, there is a table attached to the milk packaging, which clearly writes the nutritional content of the milk and its specific content. This way, consumers can know when purchasing. There are many varieties of milk on the US market, including chocolate milk, fruity milk, calcium-added milk, breakfast milk, and so on. Dairy products are also more abundant, such as cheese, butter and yogurt. According to the statistics of the US Department of Agriculture, the consumption of cheese in the United States today is equivalent to five times that of 60 years ago, which is about 30 pounds per person per year, which is equivalent to 13 and a half kilograms of cheese. Cheese contains a lot of calcium and protein nutrients. Of course, it is also a high-calorie and high-fat food. Some people believe that the general weight gain of Americans today may be related to eating cheese. From the perspective of a balanced diet, many cheeses are high in saturated fat and cholesterol, which is not conducive to health. Therefore, some health departments and health magazines in the United States often warn people to consciously limit their intake of cheese. It is said that when Americans have a physical examination every year, the doctor will say half-jokingly before checking their blood lipids: “Let me see how much cheese you have eaten this year.” There are actually only two types of milk with very strict quality requirements, one is fresh milk and the other is long-lasting milk. From the perspective of processing technology, fresh milk is pasteurized, and long-lasting milk is sterilized by ultra-high temperature. The main difference between the two is that pasteurization is currently a more advanced method of fresh milk processing. It can not only preserve the nutrients in fresh milk, but also kill harmful bacteria in milk, making processed milk delicious and pure; while ultra-high temperature sterilization can also kill harmful bacteria in milk, but at the same time it also destroys the nutrients in milk, and its nutrients are not as good as fresh milk. Almost all fresh milk is currently sold in the US market. The US government also stipulates that fresh milk sold in the market must use fresh milk produced in the country as raw materials. In order to ensure that citizens can drink nutritious and hygienic milk, the United States also pays special attention to the management of milk sources. According to the reporter, the dairy farms in the United States have now generally adopted computer management. The design of the cattle pen is scientific. There is basically no excrement left in the cattle pen, and the cows are not disturbed by parasites. They have a good “quality of life”. Many dairy farms also play music regularly for the cows, and the comfortable environment improves the output and quality of the cows. In addition, the United States has basically realized mechanized milking. Some advanced dairy farms have adopted fully automated milking by robots. The dairy feeding system adopts a full mixed diet and free feeding throughout the day. It can be said that it is really “from the prairie”. In order to make the dairy industry sustainable, the US government also supports dairy farmers to protect the environment of grasslands and cattle farms, reducing or not polluting the environment. The government has strict requirements for grassland fertilization. It is necessary to scientifically calculate and control the quantity. All dairy farms have corresponding septic tanks. During the feeding period, the manure of all dairy cows is concentrated in the septic tank, and fertilization is carried out in the field during the spring sowing. In addition, environmental protection requirements are fully considered during the design and construction of the cow house. The manure, sewage and rainwater under the cow house are diverted through different pipes to avoid environmental pollution from the dairy farm.

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