Weight management

How many kilojoules do you eat to gain a catty?

The relationship between eating time and weight gain is very close. As long as you master the eating time, you can not only ensure adequate nutrition intake, but also prevent obesity.

obesity and weight management certificate

Foreign experts have found that the human body mainly increases adrenaline secretion in the morning or during the day. Adrenaline promotes catabolism and metabolism, so eating in the morning is not easy to cause excess nutrition and gain weight.

Practice has proved that eating 8368 kilojoules (2000 kcal) calories in the morning will not cause obesity. If you eat the same amount of food at night and in the morning, it will make you gain weight.

How many catties are overweight and exempt from the exam?

There is no rule that overweight sports can be exempted from the high school entrance examination. No matter how many catties you weigh, you must participate in the high school entrance examination. Unless you are seriously ill and cannot participate in the examination, or you have a medical record of not being able to exercise strenuously, you can not participate in the high school entrance examination. However, this must be certified by the local hospital at or above the county level. The grades of students who participate in the exemption examination are counted into the high school entrance examination results according to the average scores of other students in the class.

How can weight be counted as a large base?

Large base generally refers to overweight of 10 kilograms and above.

Base generally refers to overweight of 10 kilograms and above, and small base is about 5 kilograms overweight compared to large base.

The algorithm for the body base of men and women is as follows:

Male: Height (CM) -105 = Weight (KG).

Female: Height (CM) -110 = Weight (KG).

Small base refers to a relatively small fat content and a thinner fat layer. (For example, a person with a height of 160 and a current weight of 50kg and a preparation of -5kg can be called a small base.) Small base and its relatively large base are words that are often mentioned among dieters. Usually, the weight loss base is the weight at the beginning of weight loss. Small base generally refers to a relatively light weight at the beginning. It can be basically equivalent to the BMI index, also known as the body mass index.

Large cardinality is a term in set theory. Uncountable cardinality that satisfies some special properties. Such as “unreachable cardinality”, “measurable cardinality”, “ultra-compact cardinality”, etc. are all large cardinality. Among them, the unreachable cardinality is the smallest large cardinality. In the ZFC system of axiomatic set theory, the existence of large cardinality cannot be proved nor denied.

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