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How many kilograms is the wbc middleweight?

The weight limit for the WBC middleweight (welterweight) is 70kg. This class allows fighters to use any technique that works, such as left hook, right hook, uppercut, and straight punch, etc. However, due to the lower weight limit of the middleweight, some fighters will achieve this class by losing weight in order to gain an advantage in the fight.

wbc weight management program

This usually requires hard training and diet control before the fight to ensure they can stay in top shape during the fight.

What is the difference between wbawbcwbo?

1. The World Boxing Association (TheWorldBoxingAssociation, referred to as WBA)

The World Boxing Association was established in 1967, and the chairperson is Mandoza. The WBA was originally a national boxing association established in the United States to fight against the New York State Sports Commission. It is mainly an American agency that basically controls the entire boxing competition in the United States. This organization declares its own world boxing champion and often clashes with the World Boxing Council. Ali, Fraser, and Foreman are known as “the three giants of heavyweight boxing in the 1970s” and are well-deserved boxing champions. The gold belts they get are engraved with the words WBA.

2. The World Boxing Council (TheWordBoxingCouncil, referred to as WBC)

The World Boxing Council was established in 1963, headquartered in Mexico City, and chaired by Suleiman. This organization is composed of most ethnic and international governing groups in the United States, and is supported by the New York State Sports Commission. At the same time, it unites the European Boxing Federation, the British Boxing Federation, the Latin American Boxing Federation, the Boxing Federation in some US states, and some national Boxing Federations in Asia and Africa. It is more inclined to be a worldwide, more inclusive organization. Most of their revenue is used to promote boxing, protect athletes, and improve medical facilities.

In 1979, the WBC was rebuilt and has now become the most famous and powerful professional boxing organization in the world. In the World Professional Boxing Championships, weight classes increased, resulting in more lighter classes. A significant shift in the World Professional Boxing Championships took place in 1982, when the World Boxing Council announced that all events in the organization could only reach a maximum of 12 rounds, instead of the previous 15 rounds.

3. World Boxing Organization (WBO)

The World Boxing Organization is a new professional boxing organization that split from the World Boxing Council (WBC) in 1988. Its headquarters are in Puerto Rico, but the championship committee is in Miami, Florida, USA. The current chairperson is Joe Tofus of the United States. So far, WBO has been held in every continent and almost more than 20 countries in the world……

On January 30, 2016, Zou Shiming defeated South American champion Natan Santana to obtain the WBO International Flyweight Special Gold Belt.

On June 12, 2016, Zou Shiming defeated 19-year-old Hungarian boxer Aytay 100-89 to defend the WBO International Flyweight Championship Gold Belt

Another important organization is the International Boxing Federation (TheInternationalFederation, referred to as IBF)

The International Boxing Federation was established in 1983 and is headquartered in New Jersey, USA. The president is Robert Lee. The IBF is an organization that is opposed to the WBC. The purpose of this organization is to seize the award rights held by the United States. The predecessor of this organization is the American Boxing Association (USBA, founded in 1976). The original two organizations coexisted, and now they have merged again. It is called IBF/USBA, and the championship is shared by both organizations.

IBF has a famous saying “one ideal, now is the time to realize it”. Under the guidance of this ideology, IBF has made great contributions to the development of international boxing.

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