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How many grams per granular salt?

There is no uniform standard for the weight of granular salts, and there may be differences in the weight of granular salts of different brands and specifications. Generally speaking, the weight of a granular salt is about 0.01 grams to 0.1 grams, which is 10 milligrams to 100 milligrams. The size and shape of granular salts also affect their weight. For example, granular salts with larger particles will be heavier than granular salts with smaller particles. In addition, the water content of granular salts also affects their weight. Granular salts with higher water content will be heavier than granular salts with lower water content.

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Which is lighter, multi-layer board or granular board?

Multi-layer board is light in weight

First, the multi-layer solid wood surface is glossy, the paint film is plump and uniform, no needle granular, no indentation, planing marks.

Second, the multi-layer board has good waterproof performance. It adopts imported high-quality multi-layer solid wood as the main material. The performance can be soaked in water for more than 10 days or boiled in boiling water for more than 10 hours without swelling or cracking. It has strong waterproof and physical properties, and is very suitable for bathroom use.

Third, the appearance is fashionable and beautiful. The solid wood texture is clear and uniform. The product style is suitable for consumers who pursue modern health and fashion.

How much meat can be grown in a day by feeding feed pellets to captive sheep?

How much meat can be grown in a day by feeding feed pellets to captive sheep?

Pellet feed is a kind of feed used in captivity sheep in recent years. Pellet feed is more convenient for raising sheep, and can make full use of crop straw, wild green feed, leaf feed and grain processing by-products. Pellet feed can be pressed by purchasing a pellet feed press by yourself, which is not expensive, has low production costs, and the produced pellet feed is easier to store than hay. The use of pellet feed for meat sheep can be formulated according to the nutritional needs of sheep, so that sheep can eat more comprehensive feed and improve the daily gain of sheep fattening.

Generally, the pellet feed for sheep contains 55-60% grass meal (green hay, crop straw), 35-40% refined feed corn, sorghum, wheat bran, etc., 3% minerals, vitamins and 1% urea. The diameter of the pressed pellets is 8 mm. When pressing, 17 kg of water is added to every 100 kg of powder, and 100 ml of formaldehyde solution with a concentration of 37%.

1. The weight gain effect of feeding fattening high sheep. Lambs weighing 30-40 kg are fed 1 per day. 5 kg of pellet feed, weighing 40-50 kg are fed 1 per day. 8 kg, and the daily weight gain reaches 190 grams. Lambs grow fast and have a high feed conversion rate. The meat of fat lambs is tender, the fat content is suitable, rich in nutrients and delicious.

2. The weight gain effect of feeding fattening goats. Each sheep is fed with granular feed 1.89 kg per day, and the average daily weight gain of goats reaches 185 grams.

3. The weight gain effect of feeding fattening sheep. Each sheep is fed with granular feed 1.89 kg per day, and the average daily weight gain of sheep reaches 330 grams. The daily weight gain of sheep is generally higher than that of goats.

The granular feed can utilize natural pasture, crop straw, shrub forest leaves and their grain processing by-products for easy preservation. These crop straws have not been treated with ammonia, and the digestibility of the crude fiber in the pellet feed is still low in sheep. If the ammoniated or alkalized crop straws are beaten into grass meal to make pellet feed, the daily gain is higher than that without treatment.

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