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How many grams of canned food does a 45-day-old cat eat in a meal?

45-day-old kittens are in a stage of rapid growth and development and need adequate nutrition. For canned feeding, it is generally recommended to follow the following feeding amounts: Weight 0. 5-1 kg kittens: 50-80 grams of canned food per day Kittens weighing 1-2 kg: 80-120 grams of canned food per day According to the specific weight and development of the kitten, the feeding amount can be adjusted appropriately. Each feeding should be divided into 2-3 times as much as possible to avoid excessive feeding at one time. In addition, when canned feeding, attention should be paid to choosing canned food with better quality. The ingredients are mainly meat, supplemented by appropriate amount of vegetables and nutritional fortifiers.

pedigree weight management canned

Calorie calculation of canned cat food?

262 kcal/100g.

Calories of canned food: According to the calorie conversion, the average canned food is 0.9~ 1.2kcal/g (

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