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How many grams does a 4-month-old teddy eat a day?

A 4-month-old teddy eats about 150g~ 175g of dog food a day, because the dog’s feeding is related to its body shape, weight, exercise volume, dog food brand and other factors, so each dog’s food intake is different. The shit shoveling officer should pay attention to adjusting the feeding amount according to the specific situation. You can refer to the recommended food intake on the dog food packaging bag and touch the dog’s abdomen to adjust.

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How long can a three-month Bigbear eat 4,000 grams?

A three-month Bigbear eats about 200 grams a day, and 4,000 grams of dog food can be eaten for about 20 days.

Bi Xiong eats 50-80g of dog food in one meal for three months, and feeds 3-4 meals a day, but each dog’s food intake is different. The dog’s food intake is related to various factors such as weight, exercise, and dog food brand. The food intake is generally 3% -4% of the body weight. The shit shoveling officer can add it according to the recommended feeding amount on the special dog food, or you can touch the dog’s stomach to determine whether the dog is full, and then adjust it. The shit shoveling officer pays attention to adjusting it according to the specific situation of the dog.

How much dog food does a 2kg deer dog feed per meal?

A small deer dog is a small dog, so the amount of dog food it eats every day is relatively small, generally about 150 grams of dog food per day is enough. The specific feeding amount can be determined according to the weight of the dog according to the recommended feeding amount on the dog food bag. When the dog’s stomach slightly bulges after eating the dog food, it means that the feeding amount is appropriate

How much dog food should a four-month-old poodle weigh four catties?

Feed puppy food, according to 30% of the dog’s body weight, 4 times a day, after half a year old, feed 20-25%, 3 meals a day. After 8 months, change it to dog food, and the amount is the same as half a year old. Buy a tasting pack first to see which flavor the dog likes before buying a large package. If it is a big brand of packaged dog food, there are generally tasting packs. Bulk food is not recommended, and bulk food is not very safe. If the seller is a familiar and genuine source, you can also consider it.

My dog is about three months old. How much dog food should I feed each time I feed it?

The amount of food a dog eats is related to its weight. It is recommended to feed puppies special dog food according to the weight of the dog. It is the most scientific, and the dog should be given sufficient water. Because the dog food is relatively swollen, the puppy is recommended to divide the daily food into three to four feeds. It is enough for adult dogs to reduce it to one or two meals. Because the digestive system of the puppy is not yet fully developed, it needs a small number of meals, which is the same as the diet of children.

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