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How many catties is the heaviest Bichon dog?

The maximum length of the Bichon dog is about 10 kilograms. The Bichon dog is a small dog and does not weigh particularly heavy. Under normal circumstances, male Bichon bears are generally slightly heavier than female Bichons. The weight of dogs varies from dog to dog, and there are many factors that are affected. It is normal for some dogs to have genetic problems that can cause them to be too large or too small.

nutrisource weight management dog

After the daily nutritional requirements of dogs are reached, it is recommended not to feed other complementary foods. Dogs should ensure a good physical fitness and figure, so that dogs can live healthier.

Dog weight growth rule?

For a dog, in its short life, the puppy growth stage is the most critical, it is related to the characteristics, shape and appearance of the dog in adulthood. And at this stage, newborn puppies usually face separation from their mothers, brothers and sisters, go to a new environment, and their diet and lifestyle are changing. Their hearts will be very uneasy. Therefore, parents should not only take into account its mental health, help it adapt to the new environment as soon as possible, but also meet its necessary nutritional needs.

Everyone wants their dog to grow up healthy, strong and beautiful, but this does not mean that the dog has to eat more and eat well. Parents should understand the specific needs of the dog in detail before giving, too little or too much is not allowed.

First, the characteristics of the growth period of dogs of different body types

Small dogs

10 months of rapid growth

The average weight gain in the first 6 months is 20g per day. After 10 months, its weight will be 20 times the birth weight.

The baby teeth begin to grow in the third week, and the teeth are complete in the sixth week.

It is easy to have plaque and tartar, and tartar is obvious at 6 months, which also prompts the importance of early prevention.

Medium-sized dog

Growth period 12 months

During the first week of life, it will gain 5% to 10% of its daily weight, and by the 12th month, it will weigh 40 to 50 times its birth weight.

Large dogs

18 months of growth

The first 3 months after birth are the bone building stage

At the 8th month, enter the muscle growth stage

At 15 months, the weight will be 70 times the birth weight


For puppies of all sizes, their calorie requirements are much greater than those of adult dogs. Puppies not only need to maintain calories, but also need calories to grow their new tissues. Their protein, mineral and vitamin requirements are also much higher than those of adult dogs. If puppies are fed adult dog food, it will lead to malnutrition.

The different body shapes of puppies determine the difference in nutritional requirements. If a small dog has a large demand for protein, it will lead to nutritional deficiencies if it is fed the food of medium and large dogs; large dog breeds have higher calcium requirements than small dog breeds. If it is fed the food of small dogs, it will lead to over-nutrition, accelerated development, and excessive burden on bones.

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