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How many catties is the East German Shepherd Dog for three months?

The East German Shepherd Dog has 7.5 kg for three months. The adult male East German Shepherd Dog is about 60-70 cm tall, weighs 30-40 kg, and has a shoulder height of 40-43 cm. The female East German Shepherd Dog is about 60-65 cm tall, weighs 25-35 kg, and has a shoulder height of 38-40 cm. The East German Shepherd Dog is intelligent, loyal, has a high sense of obedience, and is friendly to humans. Its territorial awareness and vigilance are quite sensitive.

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The East German Shepherd Dog follows the original intention of breeding military dogs. Strict selection standards train them to become warriors, sentinels, and uncompromising working dogs. Suitable as bodyguard dogs, search dogs, drug detection dogs, and significant other family dogs.

The East German Shepherd has strong aggression, staying power and explosive power, and is highly aggressive, making it easy to attack other dogs. The East German Shepherd has strong fighting ability, and safety issues must be paid attention to when breeding.

How many catties does an adult corgi weigh?

Under normal circumstances, male corgis weigh about ten to twelve kilograms in adulthood, while adult female corgis will weigh less and smaller than male corgis, generally weighing about eight to ten kilograms. However, since corgis are prone to obesity, owners should control the size of corgis to prevent dogs from eating too much and being too fat. They should usually bring corgis for exercise

How many catties does a Rottweiler weigh?

How many catties can a Rottweiler grow is related to its male and female gender, and it is also related to its breeding method. Generally speaking, adult male Rottweilers weigh about 43 to 59 kilograms, while adult female Rottweilers weigh about 38 to 52 kilograms. Basically, all Rottweilers are in this range of height and weight. Some special cases may exceed this standard, but the difference will not be very large. If the difference is too large, then you should consider whether the Rottweiler breed is pure.

How heavy is a three-month-old small-body teddy?

A three-month-old small-body teddy is usually about 1.5 kg, and there is no too specific standard. It must be different according to the feeding method and the development degree of the dog.

As long as the dog is healthy and there is no serious deviation in weight, there will be no problem.

If the teddy is 3 months old, it is generally about 2 kg to 2.5 kg. The adult 5-3.5 kg teacup of the toy is generally about 1.5 kg for adults, and the large one is about 15-10 kg for adults. The giant adult has seen it reach 25 kg.

It is not 100% accurate to see the appearance and body shape of the parents. There will be more than the parents’ standard in a litter. This is also normal. If the body shape needs to be well controlled, don’t feed too much to the dog. Take it to play with balls and exercise appropriately.

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