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How many catties is M size suitable for?

Women: M size is 160-165, and the weight is about 100-55 kg. Men: M size is 170-175, and the weight is about 130-70 kg. In women’s clothing: The net bust size of the wearer of size M is about 86cm. In men’s clothing: The net bust size of the wearer of size M is about 94cm.

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M size is medium, which is the abbreviation of Middle in English. Generally, the m size parameter rules of women’s clothing and men’s clothing are different, so when choosing clothing, you must know in advance what size M size is, so that you can easily choose the most suitable clothing when purchasing clothing.

The size of the clothes, S size and M size are suitable for height and weight?

S size is suitable for people with a height of 150cm-160cm and a weight of 40kg-50kg;

M size is suitable for people with a height of 160cm-165cm and a weight of 50kg-59kg.

Common clothing has two model labels: one is S (small), M (medium), L (large), XL (large); the other is the form of height plus bust, such as 160/80A, 165/85A, 170/85A, etc. The first label is not standardized. Whether it is domestic clothing or imported clothing, the model must be marked according to China’s clothing model standard GB/T1335.

In the national standard GB/T1335, the size of women’s tops S (small) is 155/80A; M (medium) is 160/84A; L (large) is 165/88A. “Size” refers to the length of the garment, and “shape” refers to the fat and thin of the garment.

The letters indicate that the size is originated from English, S is SMALL, Chinese means small, M is MIDDLE, Chinese means middle, L is LARGE, Chinese means big, XL is EXTRALARGE Chinese means extra large, XXL is EXTRAEXTRALARGE Chinese means extra large.

Because our country’s clothes were tailor-made before the Qing Dynasty. After the British Industrial Revolution, colonists established colonies all over the world, and factories played to the extreme. The factory invented numbers based on the average height of people in a country to facilitate the sale of clothing goods.

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