Weight management

How many catties is 30% of the weight?

We can calculate the specific value based on the percentage.

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The percentage of known weight is: 30%

The known weight is: 25 kg

According to the calculation formula of the percentage, the value of the weight can be calculated:

50 dollars\ times30/100 = 7.5 kg $

So, 30% of the weight is 7.5 kg.

A, B and C weigh 153 kilograms in total. A’s weight is 2 times that of B and 12 kilograms lighter than A’s C…

Let B weigh x kilograms, then A weighs 2x kilograms, and C weighs 2x-12 kilograms.

It is known that A, B, and C weigh a total of 153 kilograms, and the equation can be obtained:

x 2x 2x-12 = 153

Solve x = 31

Then C weighs 2x-12 = 2\ times31-12 = 40 (kg)

Therefore, C weighs 40 kilograms.

Can a 10-ton adult African elephant withstand an impact force of 80 tons when its muscles are abnormally developed?

Can bear. 1. Adult African elephants are huge in size. The muscles under the skin and the ligaments that support the bones have adapted to the load of strength after a long period of natural selection and evolution. Their muscles are exceptionally developed and can give full play to their strong bearing capacity. 2. According to studies, African elephants have many scenarios in nature that need to withstand external forces, such as playing games with each other or encountering the pressure of natural enemies. Therefore, their muscles and ligaments have adapted to higher impact forces during the process of evolution and can withstand 80 tons of impact force. 3. In addition, because African elephants are naturally large animals, their lifestyle is very different from that of other animals. Their muscle ligaments are more developed than those of common small or medium-sized animals, which requires their physiological structure to be firmer in order to support the entire body and withstand higher pressure.

Zhang Zhenyuan Weight?

Zhang Zhenyuan: About 60kg, Height: 183

Yan Haoxiang Weight: About 55kg, Height: 183

He Junlin Weight: About 48kg, Height: 180

Basic Information

TeensinTimes (TNT) is a Chinese mainland men’s singing group launched by Times Fengjun, composed of Ma Jiaqi, Ding Chengxin, Song Yaxuan, Liu Yaowen, Zhang Zhenyuan, Yan Haoxiang and He Junlin

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