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How many catties does one side mix?

One side mix is a common term, usually used to describe the weight of ingredients such as poultry, fish or seafood. However, the specific weight may vary by region, species and context. Therefore, an exact figure cannot be given.

weight management tufts

Generally speaking, the weight of one side mix can be determined according to the standards of the market or merchants. In different regions, one side mix may have different weight ranges. For example, one side mix may refer to a weight between about 500 grams and 1 kilogram. But this is only a rough estimate, and the specific weight needs to be determined according to the identification or weighing results provided by the merchant at the time of purchase. If you need exact weight information, it is recommended to consult a local market or merchant.

How tall is a giraffe? How much does it weigh?

Adult giraffe males are up to 4-6 meters tall, females are about 4-5 meters tall, and newborn calves are about 1 meter tall. In the early days of ancient evolution, giraffes were only the size of fawns and fed on grass, but they were affected by disasters and the grasslands were dry. In order to survive, giraffes need to stretch their necks and eat young leaves on the trees at all times. The weight of a giraffe is 1100 to 1932 kilograms for males, 700 to 1182 kilograms for females, and 44 to 70 kilograms at birth. Due to the long legs of giraffes, it is very inconvenient to drink water. They have to spread their front legs or kneel on the ground to drink water, and they are very vulnerable to attacks from other animals when drinking water. Therefore, giraffes that live in groups often do not drink water together.

Appearance characteristics

Giraffe fur color patterns are spotted and reticulated, the forehead of the head is wide, the snout is pointed, the ears are large and erect, and there is a pair of short bony horns on the top of the head, covering the skin and fluff outside the horns; the neck is particularly long (about 2 meters), and there is a row of manes on the back of the neck; the body is short; the limbs are high and strong, the forelimbs are slightly longer than the hind limbs, and the hoof is wide; the tail is short and small, and the tail is black tu The teeth are primitive, low-crowned teeth, which cannot be fed on grass, but only on leaves. The tongue is long and can be used for feeding. It has short horns, and the horns are covered with hairy skin.

Giraffes usually have a pair of horns, which will not be shed for life. The mottled reticulate on the skin is a natural protective color. Giraffes like to live in groups. Generally, more than ten people live together, and sometimes as many as dozens – large groups. It is also a timid and kind animal. Whenever it encounters a natural enemy, it runs away immediately. It can run at a speed of 50 kilometers per hour. When it can’t run away, its huge hammer-like hooves are a powerful weapon.

In addition to a pair of big eyes that are a natural “lookout post” for monitoring the enemy, giraffes will keep turning their ears to find the sound source, and will not continue to eat until they are sure that they are safe. Giraffes like to feed on leaves on large trees and also eat some young leaves of plants that contain water. Its tongue can reach more than 50 cm when extended, making it extremely dexterous and convenient to feed on leaves.

Breeding method

After successful mating, the gestation period of the female giraffe will last 14.5 months. The female giraffe adopts a standing childbirth position. Since the giraffe is also very tall, it will lie on the ground when it is first born. However, the little ones have strong survival ability. Generally, they can stand up and start walking within an hour, and look for milk around their mother. Male giraffes usually leave after mating, so the little long-necked deer are brought up by their mothers.

Distribution area

Giraffes are the tallest rare animals in the world, mainly distributed in Ethiopia, Sudan, Kenya, Tanzania and Zambia in Africa. However, the ancestral home of giraffes is in Asia. According to paleontologists, giraffes originated in Asia. Particularly in some parts of China and India, from 20 million to 23 million years ago, there were ancestors of giraffes, but the neck and legs were not as long as they are in modern times. Later, due to changes in the earth’s ecological environment and climate, food was scarce, and giraffes with shorter necks died one after another because they could not reach the leaves on tall trees, while those with longer necks survived tenaciously.

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