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How many carbohydrates do you need for a hundred catties a day?

Everyone knows that carbohydrates are often referred to as sugar, which contains sucrose, glucose, and semi-sugar. Sugar is an indispensable nutrient for maintaining normal basal metabolism, but sugar is also a nutrient with high calories. If you consume too much sugar during the day, it will form calories that cannot be metabolized. Therefore, some friends who are losing weight would like to know how many carbohydrates they consume every day to lose fat?

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In the process of losing weight and fat, the daily intake of carbohydrates should be calculated per kilogram of body weight. The calculation method is that the carbohydrate intake per kilogram of body weight should be 3-3. 5g or so, of course, it is best not to exceed 3. 5G, if a person’s weight is 50 kilograms, then you can consume about 150g of carbohydrates every day. The calories of carbohydrates are equivalent to high protein. If you eat too much meat or too many sweets, it will lead to excessive intake of protein, fat, and cholesterol.

When eating meat or sweets, eat them with green leafy vegetables or seaweed foods and fungus foods, which can effectively reduce calorie absorption, because these foods are rich in dietary fiber, which is very beneficial to the intestines. In addition, it can also prevent a sudden rise in blood sugar, and vegetables will give people a feeling of fullness, which is also very useful for weight loss.

Some people think that eating a small amount of sweets in a day will not generate too many calories. In fact, this idea is wrong. The body does have requirements for sugar, but carbohydrates are not only in sugar. The rice, white noodles, corn, vegetables, and fruits we eat all contain certain carbohydrates. Therefore, as long as you eat normally, you don’t need to consume extra sugar, especially if you don’t eat sweets that contain both sugar and cream.

After reading the above introduction, I believe everyone knows how much carbohydrates are reasonable for fat loss every day. I hope that all people who need to lose weight can have a correct understanding of the diet during weight loss. I also hope that all friends who need to lose weight can arrange their diet reasonably, eat more vegetables and fruits, as well as whole grains, and do not eat too much meat and sweets.

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