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How long has National Student Nutrition Day been?

May 20, 2018 is the 29th “National Student Nutrition Day”. In order to advocate scientific diet and scientific exercise for school-age children in China, 8 institutions including the Chinese Center for Health Education and the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention Nutrition and Health Institute jointly released an initiative: Nutrition Exercise Balance for Health – Pay attention to the healthy weight of school-age children, and call on the whole society to pay attention to children’s health issues.

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Eight institutions jointly advocate that a healthy weight is very important to ensure the normal growth and development of children and maintain health. Too much or too little weight is not good for health. Maintaining an appropriate height and weight gain for school-age children is a manifestation of nutritional balance. A reasonable diet and active exercise to maintain energy balance are the keys to maintaining a healthy weight. Make sure to eat three meals a day, with a 4-6 hour interval between meals, and achieve regular and quantitative; breakfast nutrition should be sufficient, at least 3 types of food, lunch and dinner nutrition should be balanced and appropriate. Eat slowly when eating. Diet is diverse, and the diet should be mainly cereals. Eat vegetables every day, eat fruits every day, and eat fish, poultry, meat and eggs in moderation. Pay attention to the combination of meat and vegetables, and the combination of thickness. Make sure to consume 300ml of milk or dairy products every day, and often eat soy products. Choose nutritious foods such as fruits, nuts or yogurt as snacks between meals. Eat less fried foods and fatty foods. Don’t be partial to dieting, don’t overeat. Drink plenty of water, 800-1400 ml per day, boiled water is preferred, and drink less or no sugary beverages.

8 institutions simultaneously advocate active exercise, accumulating at least 60 minutes of moderate-intensity and above exercise every day (shortness of breath, rapid heart rate, feeling unable to speak easily during exercise), encouraging high-intensity exercise on the basis of developing good exercise habits (breathing and heart rate increase significantly during exercise, and you need to adjust your breathing before you can speak). Heavy-intensity exercise should control the amount of exercise according to your physical condition (such as each exercise time and interval time, etc.). Increase the time of outdoor activities and integrate reasonable physical activities into your study and life, such as increasing walking, and actively participating in school-organized morning runs, recess exercises and other activities.

In addition, the China Education and Health Center held the “2018 Healthy China Tour – Scientific Fitness China Student Nutrition Day Theme Publicity and Education Activity” at the Fengtai Wannian Huacheng Branch of Beijing Primary School. The China Health Education Center also launched the Health Literacy PK WeChat Mini Program software “Health King”, which is a health science mini-game that aims to use new media to popularize the “66 Articles of Health Literacy of Chinese Citizens” through games. Source: China Central Broadcasting Network

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