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How long does the acne skin apply the cleansing mask?

It is best to apply the mask for 15 minutes. Friends who often apply masks know that 15 to 20 minutes will be marked on the mask. About 15 minutes is the best time for the facial skin to absorb nutrients. If the skin’s absorption capacity is poor, it can be extended to 20 minutes at most. When acne occurs, the skin is very sensitive and easily irritated, so when acne occurs, if the mask is applied for too long, the essence evaporates, and the mask will absorb moisture and nutrients from the skin.

acne sensitive skin care routine

This will not only prevent the skin from being breathable and clog the pores of the skin, but also easily cause the skin to grow a lot of acne, making acne grow more vigorous.

How to treat acne?

Acne is essentially a chronic inflammatory disease of the hair follicle sebaceous gland. Under the genetic background, androgens induce the proliferation of epithelial cells in the ducts of the hair follicle sebaceous gland, forming acne and clogging pores. The main links in the pathogenesis of acne are: clogged pores; massive secretion of the sebaceous gland; determination of Propionibacterium acne; inflammation and immune response. Therefore, our treatment is mainly aimed at these four aspects: acne removal to solve clogged pores; inhibition of sebaceous gland secretion; anti-inflammatory and anti-immune; sterilization (as shown in the figure below).

Clinically, we choose different treatment options according to the severity of the skin lesion. Mild (grade I) acne: topical adapalene gel; moderate (grade II, III) papules Pus and blisters: topical adapalene gel fusidic acid cream. If the external effect is not good, you can take oral memanomycin, doxycycline or isotretinoin capsules; severe (grade IV): isotretinoin capsules Oral fusidic acid cream. If the inflammation is heavy, you can first take oral memanomycin or doxycycline to control inflammation, and then take oral isotretinoin capsules. It can also be combined with fruit acid, salicylic acid and laser photoelectricity and other treatment measures (as shown in the figure below).

The acne treatment plan is not complicated, but the treatment process is very complicated. The stimulation and discomfort of early medication and the increase of skin lesions make it difficult for many people to stick to it. Therefore, be sure to find a reliable dermatologist to guide and adjust your treatment plan at any time to help you smoothly solve various problems in the early treatment stage (the first two months of starting medication). After two months, the skin lesions begin to subside, and continue to treat until the skin lesions completely subside. After the acne skin lesions completely subside, they will be consolidated and maintained for 6-12 months. At the same time, pay attention to eating less high blood sugar load, milk and dairy products, staying up late less, and maintaining a happy mood.

The treatment cycle of acne is relatively long, so all acne friends, you must be prepared to fight a protracted war. The first one or two months of “fighting acne” are relatively intense. After this period, the treatment later is relatively simple. Just stick to it and don’t give up. If you give up at this time, acne will come back.

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