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How long does it take to restore the weight after editing the baby?

If we modify a large area, or even the entire details page and main image are all modified, then the weight recovery will be relatively slow in such a modification method. The specific time is about 20 days to a month, and some will even exceed a month. It will be about 45 days. Because the more modifications, the slower the Taobao weight recovery will be. Because behind a details page is a fixed crowd. It takes time to accumulate data each time, and it requires the customer’s click access purchase and other behavioral data to accumulate, so the more modifications, the slower the weight recovery will be.

stages of change weight management

How long does it take to restore the weight after Douyin changes its name?

Douyin will restore the weight one month after the name change

From the date of the name change, it will take one month to restore. After about the limited viewership of Douyin name, it can generally be restored in about 7 days.

How long will Taobao change sku affect the weight?

Depending on the degree, the right reduction can be ended within 5 days at the earliest after the modification is correct. After modifying the violation information to normal, the system will end the right reduction after 30 days, or you can submit an appeal in [Seller Center] – [Medical Examination] – [Penalty Record] – [My Appeal]. If the appeal is passed, it will return to normal after 48 hours.

So, this depends on the degree of violation. If you can appeal, it is recommended that you know the approximate recovery time after you appeal. It is recommended to appeal when you have a chance.

How long does it take for Pinduoduo to restore the weight after modifying the sku?

After Pinduoduo modifies the sku, it takes a while to restore the weight. The specific time varies depending on various factors, usually taking days to weeks. It is recommended that sellers continue to optimize product information, improve store reputation and sales, and increase the exposure and ranking of products on the platform.

Does the change of Taobao main body affect the weight?

A: The change of the main body will have an impact on the weight of the Taobao store. 1. The weight of the Taobao store is not only related to the operation and branding of the store itself, but also closely related to the reputation of the main body where the store is located. When the main body of the Taobao store changes, the reputation of the old main body will be migrated, and the new main body needs to re-establish the reputation. This process will have a significant impact on the weight of the store. 2. During the process of the main body change, some information cannot be cleared by the original main body, nor can it be inherited by the new main body. This information may lead to the store being seized or restricted from participating in some activities, which will affect the sales and publicity of the store, and then affect the weight of the store. Therefore, the change of Taobao’s main body will have an impact on the weight of Taobao stores, and merchants need to handle it carefully.

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