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How long does it take for collagen skin care products to be effective?


skin care routine using moist collagen

First of all, due to everyone’s physique and absorption capacity, the time for collagen to work is also different.

But generally speaking, using it for two consecutive months can make the skin smoother, more delicate, whiter and firmer.


Long-term use will significantly improve skin tone and gloss. Skin problems such as wrinkles, fine lines, and spots can also be more easily solved, and the skin’s metabolism will be better.


A few little fairies that absorb quickly can feel that their skin is more moisturized and smoother than before in about 15 days.


People with poor absorption capacity, or older people with more collagen loss, need a relatively longer time. It takes about three months to use collagen skin care products to feel the obvious effect, thus effectively improving the skin.


Collagen is currently the mainstream product for internal anti-aging in the world, and it is also the development trend of international beauty and beauty in the future. Long-term use of collagen to directly attack the source of aging and comprehensively condition the skin from the inside out. Make the skin whiter and smoother, improve skin problems, and retain a youthful appearance. Long-term use of collagen can not only make the surface skin look younger, but also provide health care to the body from the inside out.


The specific situation is as follows:

Use for 1-4 weeks: Quickly replenish the lack of moisture in the skin, the skin moisture has increased, and the dander has decreased significantly; the skin is gradually no longer oily, rough, and dry; the skin is slightly whiter than before taking, and it feels obviously smooth and moisturized when touched.

Use for 5-8 weeks: After the second month of continuous repair and replenishment, the skin will become supple and bright white, pigmentation, wrinkles, crow’s feet, acne marks, dark circles, bags under the eyes, etc. begin to fade, the skin’s ability to lock water is strengthened, the skin is very firm and elastic, and the skin’s brightness is significantly improved.

Use for 9-15 weeks: After three or four months of taking, the skin has easily recovered to the delicate and firm when it was young, fine lines, bags under the eyes, dark spots, acne marks, and acne have basically disappeared, the surface of the nails has also become smooth and flat, the hair is supple and shiny, the complexion has improved significantly, and the spirit is vibrant and radiant!

16-22 weeks: The early effect will be comprehensively consolidated and improved, and the skin’s ability to resist external stimuli and self-recovery will be significantly enhanced

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