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How long can a bullfrog live?

Generally, it lives for 15 years. Bullfrog refers to a type of bullfrog native to the eastern United States. As of 2014, due to human factors, they have spread to every state except North Dakota.

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The American bullfrog is spreading and is flowing down the Yellowstone River in northwestern Montana, posing a threat to native frogs.

Male American bullfrogs have testes and vas deferens, while females have ovaries. In the spring, males and females mate in the water, and females give birth to about 25,000 eggs, which will become tadpoles and stay with their parents for 12 to 24 months.

During this time, like other frogs, the tadpole produces eggs, gradually disappears its tail, and finally uses its lungs instead of its gills to breathe. The average lifespan of American bullfrogs is 15 years.

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How big can the bullfrog grow?

The edible bullfrog is large in size, with females up to 20 cm long and males 18 cm long, and the largest individual can reach more than 2 kg.

The adult body length of the bullfrog is generally between 70-170 mm, and the maximum can be more than 20 mm. It is one of the largest frogs in existence. The skin is usually smooth, without dorsal folds, and the snout is wide and round. The eardrum of females is about the size of the eye, and that of males is significantly larger than the eye. The folds are particularly pronounced in males from behind the eye and around the eardrum to the axil. The fourth toe is very long, and the webbed cannot fully reach the toe end. Body color often varies greatly due to different regions. The back varies from green to brown, but mostly green. Usually mixed with brown spots, sometimes with gray or brown reticular patterns. The ventral surface is white, sometimes with gray spots, and there are often yellow stripes on the adult throat.

The bullfrog (Ranacatesbiana Shaw) belongs to the class Amphibia, Anura, and Ranidae. It is a large food frog. Its meat is tender, delicious, nutritious, and has certain medicinal value. The bullfrog, commonly known as the American water frog, is large in size, fast in growth, and high in yield. It is native to North America and Mexico. It has spread to all continents of the world and is the main cultured species of food frogs in various places.

The bullfrog is native to North America and is named for its loud song that resembles a cow’s call. Bullfrogs were introduced from Cuba in 1959 and have been widely promoted in China since the 1990s. In recent years, bullfrogs have become one of the important special aquatic products in aquaculture in China.

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