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How is weight data collected in Apple Health?

The Apple Health app collects weight data in a variety of ways.

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First, users can manually enter their weight information.

Second, Apple Health can synchronize data with other health and fitness apps, smart scales and other devices to automatically obtain weight data.

In addition, Apple Health can also estimate users’ weight changes through hardware such as motion sensors and gyroscopes in the iPhone. The combination of these data collection methods can provide accurate weight information to help users track and manage their health.

Can I get a health certificate if I am overweight?

The health certificate has little to do with overweight. As long as there are no other problems with the body, overweight will not affect the issuance of the health certificate.

How to get Huawei Sports Health Weight Comparison?

The answer is as follows: To compare Huawei Sports Health Weight, you can follow the steps below:

1. Open the Huawei Sports Health App: Find and open the Huawei Sports Health App on the mobile phone.

2. Connect the device: Connect the device (such as smart bracelet, smart watch, etc.) with the mobile phone to ensure that the device is successfully paired with the mobile phone.

3. Enter the weight page: In the Huawei Sports Health app, find and click to enter the “Weight” page.

4. Record weight: Click the “Record weight” button and enter the weight data of the day according to the prompts. You can choose to enter the weight manually, or use the connected device for automatic measurement.

5. View historical data: On the weight page, you can view the weight data of the historical record. Usually, the app will show the change of weight in the form of a list or chart.

6. Compare weight data: By viewing the weight data of the historical record, you can make a comparison. Compare the weight data of different dates, and you can see the trend and progress of the weight change.

Please note that the interface and functions of Huawei Sports Health App may vary depending on different mobile phone models and app versions. The above steps are only general operation guidelines, and the specific operation may vary.

How to fill in the weight health test score?

The number obtained by dividing the weight (kg) by the square of the height (m)

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