Weight management

How is this dog food?

I have eaten this for my dog. Every time I catch it, I smell a lot of oil, and I feel like I have put a food inducer, and the dog has a lot of tears after eating. There are a lot of eye poop, and the poop is still sticky

blue wilderness weight management dog food

Later, I decisively threw it away and replaced it with a wilderness. The poop is better, and the tears are less.

In fact, it is true that better dog food is about 40~ 50 catties. It is very cost-effective to stock up when it is on sale. If you can’t afford high-end ones, you can eat medium ones, such as Bile Bernard Tianchun, etc., but don’t buy crazy puppies, that is, my dog is healthy and in good health. If something happens early, you can control it early. If your dog is in poor health and eats a fart, who will reason with you.

Bile is very cost-effective when it is on sale and stocking up. The brand discounts a pack of 54, 9. 9 in exchange for one catty of real bone strength, and also gives you a lot of tasting clothes and tooth grinding sticks. In addition, the squatting guard will lose another 10 yuan

Baineifei bought from a friend’s pet store. 170 yuan 1.8kg

Puppies can’t eat much. It takes two or three months to finish a bag of 1.5kg. They are healthy and not seriously ill. How much money can they spend

Tmall 618 discounted and stocked up on a bag of Beneifei, 550 of 12KG minus the store discount of 60 Tmall’s 30 plus their own gold rush coins of 10 yuan. The final price is 450/12KG, with an average price of 18.75 yuan per catty. It’s a good deal! I plan to try another Formo after eating this.

Listen to me, don’t eat crazy puppies

My dog stinks from eating his sausage

Recently fell in love with the master of bones

Her father thought her hair was too long and shaved it bald hahahaha depressed

It looks like this

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