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How is the weighted average score calculated?

The weighted average score refers to the fact that when calculating the average score, different weights are given to the test scores of different subjects or different scores to reflect their importance and contribution.

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A student’s academic performance can be assessed more objectively through the weighted average score.

Specifically, the weighted average score is calculated by multiplying the score of each subject by the weight of that subject, then adding the results of each subject, and finally dividing by the sum of the weights of all subjects to obtain the weighted average score.

For example, if a student’s math score is 90, Chinese score is 80, and the weights of math and Chinese are 4 and 3 respectively, then his weighted average score will be: (90 * 4 80 * 3)/(4 3) = 85. 7 points. Among them, math scores are more important than Chinese grades, so they are given greater weight. Weighted average scores are an effective method for evaluating test scores, which can make a more comprehensive, fair and accurate measure of students’ academic performance.

How to enter excel weighting?

For weighting calculations in Excel, you can use the SUMPRODUCT function. This function can multiply multiple arrays together and return the sum of the products. To do the weighting calculation, you need to put the values and weights into two arrays separately, then use the SUMPRODUCT function to multiply them and sum them.

For example, if you want to calculate the weighted average of A1: A5 with weights B1: B5, you can enter the following formula: = SUMPRODUCT (A1: A5, B1: B5)/SUM (B1: B5).

This will return the weighted average. Make sure that the arrays of values and weights are the same size and in the corresponding order.

How are the weights of the weighted moving average method determined?

The construction economy weighted moving average method (weightedmovingaveragemethod/weightedmovingaverage) treats each data during the moving period differently. Giving larger weights to recent data and smaller weights to farther data makes up for the shortcomings of the simple moving average method.

The calculation formula of the weighted moving average method uses the weighted moving average method to calculate the predicted value, which is more sensitive to recent trends. However, if a set of data has obvious seasonal effects, the predicted value obtained by the weighted moving average method may be biased.

Therefore, it is best not to weigh when there are obvious seasonal changes.

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