Weight management

How is the weight of the keyword promotion plan?

The weight of the keyword promotion plan can be determined by a variety of factors, such as the relevance of the keyword, the degree of competition, the number of searches, and the quality of the webpage.

new direction weight management program

First, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the keyword to determine its importance in the target audience and search intention, and then evaluate the weight in combination with the competition and the quality of the webpage.

In addition, the weight of keywords can be continuously optimized and adjusted through actual testing and monitoring data to ensure maximum promotion effect. Taking into account the above factors comprehensively, the weight of the keyword promotion plan can be effectively played.

What is the weight of the plan?

Plan weight refers to the data performance of the through train plan in the last 14-30 days. These data performance include, click through rate, collection and purchase rate, conversion rate, transaction amount, and overall cost.

High weight, the same keyword bid, you can get a higher ranking, and the first price of the card is lower. If the weight is high, the quality score of the keyword will be higher, such as 9 points and 10 points. If the weight is low, it may be less than 7 points.

How to set the management goal of the department?

Targetdecomposition is the process of decomposing the overall goal vertically, horizontally or chronologically to various levels, departments and even specific people to form a goal system. Goal decomposition is the premise of clear goal responsibility and the basis for achieving the overall goal. Therefore, before goal decomposition, there must be clear goal setting, so how can the functional area of business set goals?

From the perspective of clarity, the content of the goal can be vague. From the perspective of difficulty, the goal can be easy.

1. Understand the company’s development strategy and annual performance plan, and determine the work mission of the department. The following questions can be asked to help analyze the work mission of the department.

2. Conduct job analysis, list the main work activities, through investigation and research, think and answer the following questions, and finally list the main work activities to be engaged in by employees.

3. Summarize and merge the content of work activities, write a description of job responsibilities, and determine the main work objectives according to the main job responsibilities.

4. Determine the weight of each work objective, that is, determine the weight of each measurement according to the importance of each work objective.

5. Check the consistency and internal consistency of the set goals and principles, that is, check whether the goals set are clear, specific, measurable, whether the measures set are agreed upon, whether the goals set are both challenging and achievable, and whether the measured areas are closely related to the corporate goals. Finally, check the relevance and consistency of the set work goals with the work goals of other positions, so that the job goals and other job goals are consistent and mutually supportive.

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