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How is the sunscreen index high?

The maximum sunscreen index is 50, but the higher the sunscreen index, the better. Under normal circumstances, people with ordinary skin types should use SPF 8 to 12; fair-skinned people should use SPF 30; people who are allergic to light should choose SPF value between 12 and 20. Office workers are only exposed to sunlight on the way to and from work, so the sunscreen index should be below 15. For tourists who are doing outdoor activities, it is recommended to use sunscreen products around SPF 20. In the hot sun on the plateau or swimming at the beach, it is recommended to use sunscreen products with SPF 30. Waterproof sunscreen skin care products should be selected when swimming outdoors, but in addition to swimming, waterproof sunscreen skin care products should be used sparingly.

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How can facial skin care achieve the best results?

To achieve the best results for facial skin, we need to work hard in daily care, diet conditioning, skin care product selection and other aspects.

First of all, daily care is the foundation of facial skin maintenance. Clean the face with warm water every morning and evening to remove dirt and cosmetic residues. Choosing cleansing products that suit your skin type is the key. After cleansing, remember to moisturize the skin with a moisturizer or lotion to keep the skin hydrated and avoid dryness and aging. In addition, sun protection is also a step that cannot be ignored. Use a sunscreen or barrier cream with SPF value to reduce the damage of ultraviolet rays to the skin.

Secondly, diet conditioning has a great impact on the facial skin. Try to avoid spicy and irritating foods, they may cause irritation to the skin and lead to acne and other problems. On the contrary, you should consume more foods rich in vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, so that the skin can get full nutrition and maintain a healthy state.

Of course, it is also very important to choose the right skin care products. It is recommended to choose to use natural non-irritating skin care products to maintain the hydration and gloss of the facial skin. If you don’t know much about certain skin care products, you can consult a professional skin doctor or beauty consultant, who will provide you with professional advice.

Finally, maintaining good living habits and mood is also an important factor in facial skin maintenance. Adequate sleep time, proper exercise, reducing stress and anxiety, etc., are all conducive to skin health.

To sum up, facial skin care is a comprehensive process that needs to start from multiple aspects. As long as you adhere to daily care, diet conditioning and choose appropriate skin care products, and maintain good living habits and mood, I believe that your facial skin will definitely achieve the best results.

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