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How is the standard weight of a soldier calculated?

The standard weight of a soldier is calculated according to factors such as height, age, and gender. The commonly used weight index is the BMI (BodyMassIndex) index. The BMI index is a value calculated based on a person’s height and weight, and whether the weight is too heavy or too light is obtained by comparing height and weight.

army weight management guide

Generally speaking, the BMI index is between 18.5 and 23.9, which is the normal range. If it exceeds this range, it may be identified as overweight or overweight, which does not meet the physical requirements of a soldier.

In addition, factors such as fat content and muscle mass should be considered when calculating the standard weight to ensure that the physical fitness and endurance of soldiers can meet the requirements of the army. In short, the standard weight of soldiers is a comprehensive indicator that needs to be carefully and scientifically calculated to judge.

Military Academy BMI Standard?

Military Academy Police Academy Requirements

1. Height and Weight Requirements

1. Height Requirements: It is understood that except for the Central Judicial Academy’s height requirements for Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan and other places, which are 168CM and 158CM, most other police academies require heights of 170CM and 160CM.

2. Weight requirements: boys should not be less than 50KG, girls should not be less than 45KG, and the body shape should be well-proportioned. 25% exceeding the standard weight KG (height -110) is considered obese.

2. Audio-visual requirements

1. Male and female, the naked vision of the left and right eyes in one eye is above 4.8.

2. No color blindness, color weakness, no hard hearing in both ears, no dull sense of smell, no stuttering

How to calculate the standard weight for soldiers?

The calculation formula of the standard standard weight for soldiers is: standard weight (kg) = length (cm) -110. ” Standard Weight for Soldiers in the Physical Examination Standards for Enlisted Citizens: Weight: Male: No more than 20% of the standard weight and no less than 10% of the standard weight.

Female: No more than 15% of the standard weight and no less than 15% of the standard weight. Standard Weight = (Height – 110) kg.

Individual young men with better physical conditions can be relaxed to no more than 25% of the standard weight and no less than 15% of the standard weight.

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