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How is the most suitable way to feed dog food?


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1. Tailor-made and tailor-made

Before feeding a pet to choose dog food, it is necessary to clearly confirm the breed, type and physiological stage of the pet, whether it belongs to mini, small, medium and large dogs, puppies or complete stages. For pets of different types and different physiological stages, the amount and method of feeding dog food are different. It is recommended that different brands of dog food be fed according to the label instructions on the packaging bag. The nutritional indicators of each type of dog food vary, such as different energy supply, protein supply, fat supply, etc. Therefore, it is necessary to combine the breed, type and physiological stage of your pet, and then carefully read the recommended feeding amount on the dog food packaging belt, because each dog food is specially designed by a professional pet nutritionist in conjunction with a veterinarian. The daily intake of pets is very scientifically and well calculated.



Second, you can feed dry food and wet food

Many pet owners always ask: “Is it better to feed the dog food dry, or soak it in water and then feed it?” In fact, the two are not contradictory. You can eat dry food and drink water, or you can soak it and then feed it, and let the pet eat the food and water together.

Generally speaking, let the pet eat dry food first, put a basin of water next to it, and then drink some water after eating. Eating dry food can not only solve the basic requirements of satiety, but also perform some cleaning effects on the mouth through the hardness of the puffed particles, remove some dirt in the mouth, and reduce oral diseases. However, in real life, we often observe that pet dogs are not as rational as we think, and they don’t seem to be very interested in the water placed next to them. They only drink water when they are thirsty. Therefore, we recommend that in order to increase the pet’s drinking water, you can soak the dog food in water, but don’t soak it for too long to avoid deterioration and corruption for a long time, and don’t soak it very soft and sticky. Pet dogs are more taboo about eating some sticky food. This purpose is just to let the pet eat the dog food with water to increase the pet’s water intake. At the same time, you can also add some liquid “temptations” to the dog food, such as boneless broth, yogurt, etc., stir them evenly, and let the pet dog swallow them together. This could not only increase the pet’s liking for dog food, but also solve the goal of increasing the pet’s drinking water, achieving the best of both worlds. However, after the pet dog entered the adult stage, it could no longer soak the dog food in water. At that time, it was enough to provide the pet with drinking water at any time.

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