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How is the effect of the witch hazel toner? The used one comes in?

I used it when I was in the United States, and I thought it was very easy to use. After returning to China, I found that there is a domestic version. It is from a Guangzhou company, but when I use it, I always feel that the taste is strange. There is a smell of plastic or something… Anyway, it is not the same. Later, I went overseas shopping, iherb and amazon. They were already cylindrical a few years ago, but the domestic packaging seems to be the original flat like old Shanghai skin care products. I also bought it once at Watsons, and it is indeed genuine, but I went to buy it for the second time after using it up, and was told that it was removed from the shelves… I can’t help it, so I continued to shop overseas…

how to use witch hazel in skin care routine

How to use Ke’an mask?

Skin care Step 1: Clean Ke’an This facial cleanser contains a double amino acid ratio, so it is relatively mild, soft and does not hurt the skin. The rubbed foam is also very rich. After washing the face, the skin is soft, and it will not feel tight after drying, but it is still very hydrated. The foam texture of the cleansing face is very dense. The North American witch hazel water and European horse chestnut seed extract added to it can effectively clean and converge pores, remove oil light, and regulate oil secretion!

Skin care Step 2: Hydrate and stabilize the face. After washing, the skin maintenance cannot be less. Basic skin care must not be saved. The essence water contains 4D hyaluronic acid, 1% trehalose, 1% betaine and other ingredients. While moisturizing and moisturizing, it can also balance water and oil. The effect of moisturizing and moisturizing, removing oil and controlling oil is particularly good. The essence milk is a three-in-one design of water, milk and essence. Its moisturizing lotion texture is a touch of water. When working in this way, the face will not be easy to dry out oil, the face is clean, and the work is more comfortable.

Skin Care Step 3: Plain Cream Plain Cream Plain cream is used to enhance personal temperament. This plain cream can make the skin tone look hazy and soft and 0 makeup. The plain cream in it is not weak at all, and the complexion is absolutely perfect, and the skin feel is also super good. This set is really amazing. It’s a Christmas gift that can’t go wrong at all. I recommend it to everyone! Boyfriend is busy and doesn’t have time for a full set of skin care, so it’s enough to use it.

How to use Duoyan Slimming Essential Oil Lotion?

The way to use Duoyan Slimming Essential Oil Lotion is very simple. After you wash your skin, you can apply an appropriate amount of essential oil lotion. After you apply it, you can gently massage your skin, which can make the skin care effect of essential oil lotion play better. If you look carefully, you will also find that Duoyan Slimming Essential Oil Lotion contains a certain amount of caffeine and witch hazel, and red myrrh and squalane are also its main ingredients.

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