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How is the effect of Boston men’s skin care products in the United States?

Boston professional men’s skin care is still good. It is very popular on Taobao, because many customers have purchased a lot and feel good. Persia is a professional men’s care brand. Of course, it has certain effects. If it is easy to use, it goes without saying that it depends on what skin type you have. You can choose the product that suits you, so that it will be effective.

boston korean skin care routine

fresh is a high-end skin care luxury brand under the French LVMH Group.

In 1991, when Lev and Alina were still running their first beauty shop in Boston, they realized people’s need for efficacy and a pleasant experience, so they introduced local residents to high-end personal care products from all over the world.

What grade does Boston Cream belong to?

Boston Cream is a medium grade

Boston Cream is silky smooth, with plant extracts added to whiten and moisturize. The texture is thick, silky smooth, easy to absorb, and the skin appears fair and radiant. Natural plant ingredients, whitening and moisturizing, brightening the complexion. Hydrating and moisturizing, the skin becomes fine and tender. The skin tone is even and fair, stick to it and glow. With a whitening special certificate, a lotion that can stand the test of whitening, showing a natural fair luster. Hyaluronic acid, hydrating and moisturizing, makes the skin delicate, smooth and elastic. Smooth and delicate texture, good ductility, melts easily with light application, easy to absorb, whitening and moisturizing.

How about the Boston brand?

Boston BOSSDUN. MEN is a men’s skin care product brand under Boston Cosmetics Co., Ltd. It has been mainly promoting the domestic market since 2005. It is a third-line skin care product brand.

fresh is a brand from which country?

Brand Birthplace:

United States

Brand Positioning:

A high-end skin care brand under the French LVMH Group.

In 1991, Levi Glazman and Alina Roytberg created a highly artistic soap, which gave birth to the classic birth of the Fresh brand.

Fresh aims to create products with great artistic sense and excellent efficacy. In the research and development of beauty products, it constantly adds revolutionary innovation inspiration to make the whole skin care process emotional and full of vitality. Lev and Alina are pioneers in adding refined brown sugar, soy extract, beauty black tea and Italian white mud to modern beauty brands, and they are still breaking through innovation.

Today, Fresh has more than 360 branches all over the world: the product line includes six categories such as skin care, body care, perfume, cosmetics, hair care products and home life products, full of high-end luxury lifestyle brand elements.

After joining the world luxury giant LVMH in 2000, Fresh has more resources and scientific research support, and continues to create more miraculous skin care products.

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