Weight management

How heavy is the NE1000x38m high hoist?

The calculated results of the NE00xm high hoist weight are as follows: (NE0X6 80) × NE0 00 0 Technologies 50kgThe weight of the NE00xm high hoist is related to its size, the materials and accessories used, the architecture and design. At this height, the steel and aluminum used in the machining and manufacturing process have a greater impact on the weight of the hoist. At the same time, the quality and service life of the power accessories are directly proportional to the weight of the machine. Although the weight of the NE00xm high hoist is large, its bearing capacity is very strong, which can help workers easily and quickly complete high-altitude work, so it is very useful for some construction, maintenance and other industries.

xm weight management system

Xmsh16hm is several generations of bracelets?

xmsh16hm is Xiaomi Mi Band 6

Basic parameters

Product type Smart Band

Matching system Android5.0 and above, iOS10.0 and above

Configuration parameters

random access memory 2MB

Body storage 32MB

Protection level 50m Waterproof

Sensor Optical heart rate, blood oxygen sensor, six-axis motion sensor


Screen size 1. 56 inches

Screen type AMOLED display

screen definition 152 * 486 pixels

Other screen parameters Maximum brightness ≥ 450nit, brightness adjustable

Specification size

Host material Cover material: imitation 3D reinforced glass AF coating

Shell material: PC plastic

Wristband material TPU

Product color Graphite black

Product size 47. 4 * 18. 6 * 12. 7mm

Product weight 12. 8G

Power life

Battery capacity 125mAh

Battery type Lithium ion polymer safe battery

Charging method Magnetic charging

Charging time about 2 hours

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