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How far can 7258 lead acid run?

The mileage that 7258 lead acid can run depends on a number of factors, such as the weight of the electric vehicle, the weight of the rider, road conditions and driving conditions. Generally speaking, an electric vehicle equipped with 7258 lead acid can travel about 60 to 80 kilometers. However, if you drive on a flat road for a long time, or the rider is lighter, this mileage will increase. On the contrary, on hilly roads or when the rider is heavier, the mileage may be reduced. Therefore, in order to prolong the life of the battery, it is recommended to use the correct charging method and driving method as much as possible, as well as regular maintenance of the electric vehicle.

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The standard weight of the three yellow chicken?

Three Yellow Chicken is a kind of local chicken. It looks as yellow as its name. From feathers to claws to skin, it is yellow. Three Yellow Chicken not only looks good, but also the meat is tender and delicious, oily but not greasy.

The reason why Three Yellow Chicken has tender meat, oily but not greasy. It is because of its slow growth rate and long growth cycle. So to maintain the deliciousness of Three Yellow Chicken, it is necessary to control its growth cycle and weight. Generally, it is best to keep the weight of adult chickens at about 1.5kg. Such a chicken is not fat or thin, and the skin is thin and tender and tastes the best. So how can we maintain the standard weight of Three Yellow Chicken? Let’s find out together.

1. Staged feeding: Chickens at different stages have different feeding methods. 1. Chickens must remain fully hydrated at the stage (0-28 days). Its water intake should be about 2 to 3 times the amount of food. Chickens about 1 to 4 days old should eat less and more meals, and be fed multiple times a day. The purpose is to let them learn to eat as soon as possible. You can slowly reduce the number of times later until it is the same standard as adult chickens. 2. Light: Both chicks and mature chickens need the right amount of light. Light can only prolong the feeding time, increase the amount of food intake and promote the absorption of calcium.

2: Balanced diet to maintain adequate nutrition. In fact, chickens are the same as people, and they need sufficient nutrients for growth. We must mix and feed when feeding. The ratio of feed should be reasonable. Ensure that the trace elements and protein required in the chicken are balanced. If the diet is not balanced, it is easy to cause the three yellow chickens to be overweight or overweight. Affect the taste!

Third, control the weight according to the stage. 1 to 15 weeks ago is the chicken development period. Feed feeding should be reduced to avoid the problem of excessive obesity. 15 weeks of feed control can lower the standard. In this way, the chicken raised will have thin, tender skin and delicious taste!

The above is a personal suggestion. If there are any mistakes or deficiencies, please give me more advice!

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