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How exactly are Amway Nutrilite products?

Amway Nutrilite is a well-known health and beauty products company. Their products are known for their high quality and scientific formulations. Amway Nutrilite’s products cover the fields of skin care, nutrition, fitness and more, including skin care products, health products, weight management products and more. Many people have given positive reviews of their products, believing that they are effective and safe. However, everyone’s experience may be different, so it is recommended to choose the products that suit you according to your individual needs and skin type.

nutrilite weight management review

What are the four less?

First of all, we need to know: What are the reasons for excess body weight? The answer is “more than four”;

The first one is more: more intake

mainly more fat and carbohydrates;

The second one is more: more absorption

The human body absorbs more fat (carbohydrates are also converted into fat to be absorbed and stored by the human body):

The third one is more: more synthesis

The human body synthesizes more fat;

The fourth one is more hoarding

Fat is hoarded in the human body.

Knowing the reason for the excess weight of the human body, weight control is actually fat control! The opposite can be achieved to control fat, which is “four less”;

The first less: less intake

less intake of energy products such as fat and carbohydrates, replaced by healthy meal replacement products;

The second less: less absorption

Reduce fat absorption, reduce fat absorption with conjugated linoleic acid;

The third less: less synthesis

Use lecithin to regulate fat metabolism in the body and reduce fat synthesis.

The fourth less: less hoarding

Reduce hoarding with fruit and vegetable cellulose and lecithin, conjugated linoleic acid, L-carnitine and vitamin minerals.

Nutrilite’s Weight Management Trilogy:

Step 1: Four Less:

Step 2: Eight Glasses of Water;

Step 3: Half an Hour: Exercise for half an hour every day.

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