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How does Xiaohongshu put skin care products on the shelves?

1. Create as follows:

how to set up skin care routine

1. Among the products that have been sold, in ark-product management-search/add-select type single product or combination product, search for the products that have been sold.

Production steps:

1) Under the managed search/add, if there are products for sale in the product name search results, directly select the sales.

2) If the spv you want to sell already exists, add the sales, enter the current price of the product and the product to submit for review, and directly display the sales. If there is no scheduled sales, add points to supplement the basic information of spv/spl.

3) Click Creative Edit, fill in the characteristics, instructions, upload the combined products, set the FAQ, etc. This page is to fill in the parameters, and submit it after filling in according to the different categories.

How to connect the Xinjixiu skin care instrument to the Internet?

You can connect to the Internet through the following steps. The conclusion is that it can be connected to the Internet. First, you need to download the Xinjixiu APP and connect the Xinjixiu skin care instrument through the Bluetooth of your mobile phone. Secondly, register an account on the APP and follow the prompts to bind the Xinjixiu skin care instrument to the account. Finally, according to the instructions on the APP, you can connect the Xinjixiu skin care instrument to the Internet. The reason is that the Xinjixiu skin care 0. Connect with the APP through the Bluetooth of the mobile phone to realize the networking operation. In addition, the manufacturer of the skin care instrument also provides detailed networking operation steps in the product manual. Yes, on the basis of networking, users can view the analysis report of skin condition in real time on the APP, customize the skin care plan and record their own skin care process and other functions.

Skin care official account planning ideas?

1. Brand building, clear positioning

Before making a micro-mall, you must first determine the

position and selection of your own mall brand. The route taken by skin care products is actually very important. Whether it is a high-end route or a low-end route, it has its corresponding audience, but the positioning must be clear, and skin care products without brand blessing are unlikely to be recognized. Don’t try to please all consumers. Of course, if conditions permit, you can produce different series of products, but generally the merchants that can succeed in this way are high-end brands that take the affordable route and produce products that are close to the people. If you establish the identity of affordable skin care products at the beginning, and then want to transform into high-end products, it is often not easy to be recognized.

2. Content Drainage and Expansion

WeChat has hundreds of millions of users so far, and a huge customer base

can bring a lot of customer traffic to the micro-mall. However, it should be noted that if merchants want to successfully attract and expand customers, content-based e-commerce cannot be ignored. Use the official account’s own characteristics to create content, achieve drainage and expand customers.

From the simplest way, skin care merchants can share articles about skin care in the official account

. Don’t just send your own product promotion. As a skin care merchant, first of all, you have to let consumers perceive your professionalism and let them have a sense of trust in you, so that they can have a sense of trust in your mall products. Soft promotion is often more able to impress consumers. Secondly, you can also pack a single product first, first type the product out, and then attract more attention for the brand. Relying on valuable articles to attract enough customers, as long as the service and product quality are guaranteed, and a good reputation is established in the early stage, consumers will also take the initiative to help you promote and achieve more fission transformation.

3. Play well marketing activities

In addition to the basic mall functions, the micro-mall is also a marketing benefit

. In order to increase sales and create explosive products, merchants must play well marketing activities in order to achieve sales improvement when doing official account mall marketing. Because every customer pays attention to the mall or enters the mall for consumption, for example, the Qibo micro-distribution mall system contains hundreds of marketing combination tools, which can make your mall more purchasable and interesting, and enhance customers’ desire to buy.

4. Use the system to do a good job of locking customers

WeChat official account mall has many functions that can be used by merchants, such as membership or distribution mode, which can allow the mall to obtain more customers. But it is not possible to blindly mine new customers without doing a good job in customer source maintenance. Locking customers is very important, and merchants use the system to lock customers, and the effect will be better.

For example, a merchant uses the official account mall to set up a member role to attract customers

to join the membership. At the same time, a member who joins can develop her lower-level members and form a commission system, making the micro-mall more valuable to customers, and it is also the foundation for the mall to repurchase in the later stage.

For skin care products, there is actually a good market prospect,

But the pressure of competition is too great, so if merchants want to survive, they will inevitably switch to the old marketing model. Operating the micro-mall well can indeed bring great benefits to skin care merchants

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