Weight management

How does the Xiaomi scale manage the weight of family members?

Click to enter the scale, click the Add button above, add new members, and set the name to add successfully. The Xiaomi scale will be assigned to different family members according to the weighing results.

home weight management

How to adjust the household electronic scale to be light?

Calibration method ① Review the electronic scale manual and perform external school as required.

② Change the installation environment of the electronic scale or modify the relevant internal procedures to make it meet the environmental requirements.

③ Adjust the electronic scale to make it in a horizontal state.

④ Before correction, the electronic scale should be stably displayed with zero position. ⑤ Select the standard weight that meets the accuracy requirements of the electronic scale for calibration.

Xiaomi Weight Scale Tutorial – How to Manage Family Members?

1. Open the Xiaomi Sports APP on the client side of your mobile phone, click the upper right corner, you can see as shown in Figure 1, and then continue to click the “My” option. This starts the first step of adding members.

2. After clicking the “My” option, click “Family Members”, so that we can see the previously saved family members, they will be arranged in the form of a list. If we want to edit the family members, we can click on the corresponding nickname, and then make the corresponding edit.

3. We can click on the corresponding nickname, and then see the gender, date of birth, height, and target weight of the nickname. We can modify the content by clicking on the corresponding option. hineasy!

4. In the picture in the previous step, we will see a “Delete” option. Just click on this option and we can delete the corresponding family member.

5. Click on the corresponding position as shown in the picture, we can easily add our new family members. We can edit the corresponding information, including nickname, date of birth, weight, etc.

6. Edit various information about the newly added members, as long as we swipe or type in this. Through the above steps, we can easily manage our family members, which means that we have successfully managed our family members at this step.

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