Weight management

How does Taobao see the weight of its store?

The weight of Taobao’s store is an important indicator, which can reflect the overall performance of your store and its competitiveness on the platform. To determine whether the weight of your store has increased, you can analyze and observe it through the following methods:

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1. ** Store dynamic score **: Check your store dynamic score, which is an important indicator of the service quality of the store. Usually, it includes three aspects: matching the description of the baby, the seller’s service attitude and logistics service.

2. ** Store level **: Taobao will divide the store into different levels according to the comprehensive performance of the store. The higher the level, the higher the weight of the store. You can check the level of your store through the background of Taobao.

3. ** Traffic analysis **: Analyze the traffic data of the store through tools such as business staff. If the traffic of the free search channel has no data or continues to decline, it may mean that the store weight is decreasing.

4. ** Conversion rate and attrition rate **: Pay attention to the conversion rate and attrition rate of the store. If the attrition rate is high and the conversion rate is low, it may indicate that the store weight is not ideal.

5. ** Moving sales rate **: Moving sales rate is the active level of commodity sales. A healthy moving sales rate helps to improve the store weight.

6. ** DSR **: That is, the store service rating, including three dimensions of description match, service attitude and logistics speed, which will directly affect the store weight.

7. ** Main business ratio **: A store with a high main business ratio indicates that the store positioning is clear and has a positive impact on improving the store weight.

8. ** Regular Customer Maintenance **: Maintaining regular customers and improving the repurchase rate is also an effective way to increase the weight of the store.

9. ** Content Marketing **: Through content marketing in the form of live broadcasts, short videos, etc., you can attract traffic and increase the weight of the store.

10. ** Optimize the store and baby details **: Including the optimization of baby titles, pictures, details pages, etc., which all help to improve the weight of the store and baby.

In general, Taobao’s algorithm will be constantly updated, so the above methods may change with the changes of the platform rules. It is recommended to regularly pay attention to the latest rules and guidelines of Taobao officials in order to adjust business strategies in a timely manner. At the same time, avoid taking any illegal swiping behavior to increase the weight, which may lead to serious penalties for the store.

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