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How does Pinduoduo delete sku without affecting the weight?

After the deletion of the SKU on the shelves of Pinduoduo, if the sales volume of the SKU is high, once deleted, it may have a certain impact on the weight of the store. If you need to delete the SKU, it is recommended to do the following before execution:

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1. Confirm the sales of the SKU. If the SKU has a high sales volume, it is recommended to reduce the inventory of the product to 0 before deletion, so that the platform can keep the sales record of the product and avoid affecting the evaluation and ranking of the store due to deletion.

2. Confirm the cost of the SKU. Before deleting the SKU, it is recommended to calculate the cost of the SKU first. If the cost is high, you can consider transferring the inventory to other platforms or sales channels, reselling it to other merchants, etc.

3. Confirm the evaluation of the SKU. When deleting, you need to judge the evaluation of the SKU. If there is a high praise rate and the evaluation content is also helpful to other products, you can consider keeping it, and after deleting, migrate the evaluation content to other products.

In short, when deleting the SKU, you need to comprehensively consider various factors and make sufficient preparations to avoid the impact and loss to the store.

How to fill in the enterprise risk ledger?

Filling in the enterprise risk ledger requires listing and analyzing the risk damage of business risks, management risks, and financial exposures within the enterprise, and considering what measures to take to prevent and control risks:

1. First list the risk points in all work, such as “procurement is not compared”, “evening turnover is kept by private”, etc.

2. Set the frequency of risk occurrence to level 10 from low to high, such as “It may happen every day”, “It may happen every week”… “It is almost impossible to happen”, and the score is set to 1-10 points from low to high; for example, “Evening turnover is privately kept” is the risk that occurs every day, and the score is 10 points.

3. Divide the damage that may occur after a single risk occurs into level 10 from low to high, such as “The loss is negligible”, “The loss is below 1,000 yuan”, “The loss is 1000-5000 yuan”… “The loss is above 1 million”, and the score is set to 1-10 points from low to high. For example, if the risk loss of “evening turnover in private custody” is between 1000 and 5000, then the score is 3 points.

4. Set weights on the risk frequency and risk loss respectively to obtain the score of each risk point. Usually the weights are 50% each. Then the score for the risk of “evening turnover in private custody” is 10 * 50% 3 * 50% = 8 points.

5. According to the final score, determine whether the risk needs to be increased risk prevention and control measures.

6. Fill in the above content into the form. An example table is as follows:

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