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How does IU take care of its skin?

IU has always shared beauty updates on Facebook, and I often read them. Especially after she endorsed Yi’s love, she feels better on her skin, and Koreans praise her as maternal fetal muscle. I also asked someone to buy some from Korea. It is really expensive, pure natural, fresh and moisturizing skin care. Now I don’t feel dry skin when I go out in the smog

what is iu skin care routine

How about the skin care product endorsed by IU?

Yi Ai, the first seller of natural cosmetics in Korea, the popular best-selling product “Bulgarian Rose Trace Care Serum”, referred to as Eraser Serum, the special vitamin ingredients such as Bulgarian rose oil and macadamia seed oil can make dull skin glow, quickly even skin tone, make skin fair and translucent, this is also the skin care product designated by IU in the producer!

Lancome foundation 40t5iu means

Lancome foundation 40t5iu refers to the color and specification of a foundation launched by the Lancome brand. Among them:

– “40” represents the color number, which refers to the color depth of this liquid foundation, generally numbered from light to dark.

– “t” represents the color of the liquid foundation. The liquid foundation of the t series is more yellowish and suitable for Asians.

– “5” represents the capacity or size of the product. Here it may be a 5ml or 50ml specification, depending on the specific situation.

– “iu” means that this liquid foundation has an international protective factor, which can effectively prevent the damage of ultraviolet rays and achieve the effect of skin care.

Therefore, Lancome foundation 40t5iu can be understood as a liquid foundation with moderate color, yellowish tone, and international protection factors. The capacity may be 5ml or 50ml. For details, please refer to the label or official introduction.

How about dsiuan Centella asiatica amino acid facial cleanser?

dsiuan Centella asiatica amino acid facial cleanser is very easy to use.

The main effect is to balance oil and speed up the metabolism of the skin, and improve the effect of closing the mouth. No wonder it has always been so popular, and it is also called “the king of water” and “oily mother” by everyone. This is due to its largest ingredient, Pitera, which can not only help the skin achieve a good effect of improving keratin metabolism, but also inhibit melanin precipitation. Therefore, if you insist on using it for a period of time, you will find that the skin will become much better.

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