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How does a teenage girl take care of her skin?

1. Diet: 1. Insist on drinking milk every day and drink plenty of water. 2. Eat more meat during the day and vegetables at night, because many vegetables are photosensitive and will turn black when eaten during the day. 3. Eat some fruits containing vc after the sun goes down, which has a whitening effect. 4. Often cook mutton soup for yourself to drink, beauty.

10 days skin care routine

2. Daily skin care: 1. Use a weakly acidic facial cleanser and rinse with milk after washing. 2. The cream should be hydrated and moisturized, but not oily. The skin is fully hydrated and naturally crystal clear. The reason why whitening is not needed is because whitening almost all contains hormones and heavy metals, and you can also use a cream with sunscreen effect. 3. When you find that the skin is not particularly good, you need to make a mask. But don’t do it often, it should be dependent. You can boil Tremella into a paste and make a mask. Natural ones can be made every day without any problem. Very expensive masks are made of Tremella as essence. If you can’t use it, put it in the refrigerator. Use it up in 3 or 4 days. Buy pure natural Tremella, and it has not been processed by chemicals. 3. Maintain enough sleep, it will make your skin shiny and elastic. 4. Remember to take care of your body like a face

How to use 1-9 of fair density?

Once every four days!

Fair Secret Skin Care Products There are 1-9 different skin care products, and the skin care products used during the day and night are different. During the day, use No. 1 and No. 2 first, then use eye cream and No. 4, and finally use No. 9 and No. 5. At night, use No. 1 and No. 2 first, then use eye cream, No. 7, No. 4, and then use No. 9 and No. 6. Pay attention when using No. 6 skin care products. Just apply a thin layer. If you apply it too thick, the skin will not absorb it, and it may also hurt the skin.

What will happen if you don’t rub skin care products for 10 days?

1. Skin is more susceptible to external stimuli

Skin care is the most important part of protecting your skin from external harm. If you stop taking care of your skin, even the sunscreen and barrier cream when you go out are no longer applied. The external environment can easily cause irritation to the fragile skin system, such as ultraviolet sunburn and allergies, which are common consequences.

2. The accumulation of dirt on the skin affects the respiration of the skin

If you do not take care of your skin, although your stratum corneum may become thicker after 10 days, there are also many bacteria, microorganisms and dirt that accumulate on the skin. Layers on the skin can easily hinder the respiration and excretion of skin pores, and other skin problems will follow.

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