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How does a fourteen-year-old boy wash his face with cosmetics?

A fourteen-year-old boy can wash his face with a facial cleanser, squeeze out a part of the facial cleanser first, squeeze it on the foaming net, and then wet it with water and rub it to make foam. The more and richer the foam, the better. Then circle the foaming net on his face, including the top of his head and the lower jaw. Rub it several times, and finally wash it with water, and then apply moisturizing skin care products.

skin care routine for 14 year old boy

Can 14-year-old skin care steps?

1. Cleansing: Use cleansing milk with the technique to wash off the oil stains and cosmetics in the pores as much as possible, so that the cleaning is thorough without leaving dead ends

2. Toner: The function of toner is to relax the skin’s moisturizing adjustment, especially the use of cleansing milk. The function of toner after cleansing is particularly important

3. Essence: Even when sleeping, the skin will not stop metabolizing. At this time, take a layer of essence, so that the skin can continue to absorb

4 at night. Cream, lotion: At night when the skin continues to metabolize, it should also whiten and prevent aging. It can be said that whitening and anti-aging cannot be stopped for a moment

5. Eye cream: The eye skin needs special care. In order to prevent fine lines under the eyes, use eye cream before going to bed early in the morning to take care of the eye skin

How do 14-year-old boys take care of their skin?

The first step is cleansing, use cleansing in the morning and evening, boys generally have strong oil secretion, wet the face with water, rub the facial cleanser to foam, apply it to the face, gently rub it a few times, and wash it off.

The second step is toner, water can moisturize the face to bring moisturization, take a coin-sized water and pour it into the palm of your hand, slowly pat it from top to bottom, and use refreshing water for greasy facial skin.

Step 3, essence, select an appropriate amount of essence and apply it to the dry part of the skin, waiting for absorption.

Step 4, lotion, lotion is also very important, point to apply to the nose, forehead, cheeks and other places, and apply evenly.

Step 5, sun protection, apply sun protection fifteen minutes before going out, which is lower than the damage caused by ultraviolet rays to the skin.

How do 14-year-old students take care of their skin?

14-year-old teenagers can choose a mild amino acid facial cleanser, and they also need to do a good job of sun protection. Even if they do not use sunscreen, they can choose umbrellas, sun hats, etc. for sun protection. And be careful not to use skin care products indiscriminately to prevent the skin from becoming sensitive.

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