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How does a computer calculate body mass index?

A computer can easily calculate body mass index (BMI) through 4 formulas.

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1. The formula for calculating BMI is Kg/(M * M), where Kg is the weight (unit kilograms), and M is the height (unit meters).

Height can be converted to a metric value, such as 1.68 meters can be converted to 1.68.

Through this formula, we can get a value to measure whether a person’s weight is healthy.

2. Everyone’s body composition is different, so we need to adjust the BMI formula to suit different groups of people.

For example, we can adjust the BMI formula for children or the elderly.

3. The computer can automatically process the formula and calculate the BMI. We can use this value to determine whether a person is overweight or obese.

If the BMI is over 25, then the person is considered overweight.

If the BMI is over 30, then the person is obese.

4. We can use electronic scales and height measurement tools to enter data into the computer and calculate the BMI.

In addition, there are many mobile apps and online BMI calculators that can be used to calculate the BMI.

How many catties do you test yourself without using a scale?

Here are some ways to test your weight without using a scale: 1. Visual method: Compare yourself with others and estimate your own weight range based on body shape and appearance. However, this method is prone to errors. 2. Measure body size: Use a soft ruler or tape measure to measure the size of waist circumference, hip circumference, thigh circumference and other parts, and then use a formula or an online calculator to estimate the weight. 3. Look at BMI index: Use height and weight to calculate the BMI index (weight (kg) ÷ square of height (m)). According to the BMI index range, it can be determined that the weight is in the thin, normal, overweight or obese grade. 4. Observe clothing size: Infer weight based on the size of the clothes you are wearing. Generally speaking, larger sizes of clothing correspond to higher weight. It should be noted that the above method is only a rough estimate and does not provide accurate weight values. If you need to measure your weight accurately, it is best to use a professional scale.

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