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How does a 30-year-old woman take care of her skin at home?

For a 30-year-old woman, in order to take care of her skin, you can follow the following tips:

30 day skin care routine

Do a good job of sun protection: UV rays can cause photoaging of the skin and accelerate aging, so you should apply sunscreen or wear a sun hat before going out.

Regular exfoliation: The skin also needs to be metabolized and renewed about every 28 to 30 days. Regular exfoliation can help remove dead skin and improve the absorption efficiency of skin care products.

Correct makeup removal: No matter how tired, you should remove makeup thoroughly before going to bed, especially the skin around the eyes and lips is more fragile.

Maintain a good lifestyle: Make sure to get enough rest every day, maintain a regular routine, and pay attention to a balanced diet to reduce the intake of sugar and oil.

Choose the right skin care products: Choose a facial cleanser according to your skin type and avoid overusing products that may damage the skin barrier.

Moderate exercise: Moderate exercise can promote blood circulation and metabolism, and enhance the body’s immunity, which is good for skin health.

Maintain a good attitude: Keep a happy mood, reduce stress, develop good lifestyle habits, and avoid smoking and alcohol abuse.

Consider medical beauty items: If conditions permit, you can consider photon skin rejuvenation or other medical beauty items to improve skin texture and firmness.

Supplemental nutrition: More intake of fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains and protein, these foods help to replenish the nutrients needed by the skin.

Hydrating and moisturizing: Use moisturizing products to keep the skin hydrated and avoid dryness, which helps prevent skin sagging and other related problems.

How can a 30-year-old woman maintain her face?

Apply cucumber flakes to her face for a few minutes after cleansing at night. If you insist on it for about 30 days, you will see that the skin on the face is obviously white and tender.

Then apply a dry mask to your face with makeup water; stick to it for about 20 minutes a day, 3 times a week, and your facial skin will improve significantly. Secondly, you can drink some light salt water when you wake up in the morning, which is good for detoxification and intestines. No matter what method, the most important thing is to replenish water, and at the same time pay attention to rest and maintain a good attitude.

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