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How do you rate the 2016 movie “Eddie the Eagle”?

Small people, big dreams, this is the slogan on the poster of the “Eddie the Eagle” movie. I have never heard of such a person before watching this movie, and I know nothing about such an Olympic Winter Games project. After watching it, I was amused, moved and inspired. This movie perfectly presents the story of a real little person who has finally realized his Olympic dream after going through twists and turns.

a weight lifter struggles but manages

At the beginning of the story, Eddie, who has been wearing large myopia glasses since he was a child, has tried various sports, running hurdles, breaking pole vaulting poles, lifting weights, throwing javelins and breaking glass. In his father’s roar again and again, he is still looking for a sport that suits him, just to realize his dream of competing in the Olympic Games. Later, he participated in the Alpine Skiing team, but was rejected by the British Olympic Committee because the competition was not good enough. In order to achieve his Olympic dream, at the age of 22, he switched to Ski Jumping, because there were no other Ski Jumping athletes in the UK to compete with him at that time, which was a relatively shortcut.

However, it was also an extremely crazy and difficult road. Lacking funds, he lived in the storage room of the bar proprietress, worked part-time to maintain training expenses, picked up other people’s old equipment, and secretly drove away the family van for training. Insufficient talent, obviously his physical fitness is not the material of athletes, Eddie is overweight and not suitable for the lightness required by high-speed skiing, and he can’t ski farther. With high myopia, he has to wear another layer of goggles outside his myopia glasses, which often fog up and make him blind every time he jumps. Sports are extremely dangerous, from a height of tens of meters to slide down quickly, a little carelessness will break bones and tendons or even life-threatening, as a beginner of Ski Jumping, and there is no regular coach, falling injuries are common, but Eddie always continues to train after each time he is slightly healed. Under ridicule and rolling eyes, professional high-end skiers laughed at him, and no one looked good on him from childhood to adulthood, including his father, even after he qualified for the Olympic Games, but these did not affect his dream-chasing heart at all. Through hardships, he used his courage and unremitting pursuit to achieve his own brilliance.

The actor who plays Eddie is Tarun Egerton, who once starred in the handsome guy in “Ace Agent”. In this movie, he adds weight to the play and perfectly imitates the demeanor of Eddie himself. The big myopia mirror pouts his lips, his silly expression is embarrassing, and his stubborn chin is cute. The boy is not tall enough or handsome enough. He plays Eddie as the kind boy next door, just like you and me in life, forced by life and pursuing dreams. Sliding down from the 70-meter jumping platform of the Olympic Games, although he is the penultimate, he fills the gap in the British project, so he dances and shouts happily. Sliding off the 90-meter jumping platform of the Olympic Games, he recalled all kinds of mixed feelings he had experienced, and finally flew to the sky like an eagle, realizing his dream!

The coach of another male protagonist in the movie, Eddie, is played by “Wolverine” Hugh Jackman. The stubble is sexy and charming, and the screen is full of long legs, exuding a fatal attraction. On a snowy day, the black shirt is rolled up to the elbow and a forearm is exposed. The coolness of smoking and drinking on weekdays is in sharp contrast to Eddie’s appearance of drinking milk and calcium supplementation. There is a charm segment. He is slightly tipsy and slides down from a height of 90 meters. The sliding process and the landing scene are unparalleled. It is such a once-talented athlete who was moved by Eddie’s spirit of persevering in his struggles after repeated defeats. He encouraged Eddie when he was lost, spurred when he was proud, and congratulated when he succeeded. Even if he knew he would not get a medal, he dedicated himself to helping him realize his dream.

Not a genius but want to succeed, not an eagle but eager to soar, not a champion but a perfect counterattack, not a hero but winning applause! Ordinary Eddie is still so brave even if he is so difficult, trying beyond his own means, and being persistent in spite of everything. He deserves the blood of you and me who have dreamed of it, regaining the strength to move forward, and regaining the courage of the past.

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