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How do you look at the date of American skin care products?

There is a row of numbers at the bottom of the bottle that indicates the production date and related information, as follows:

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1, 1, 2 digits are the serial code of the product;

2, 3 digits are the year of production;

3, 4, 5, 6 digits minus 400 days is the number of days of production;

4, the last 3 digits are the production batch number.

For example: 451519C10, which is the 519th minus 400 in 2011 equal to 119 days of production, that is, produced in May 2011.

How to use egf stock solution?

How to use EGF repair stock solution:

1. Take two drops after cleansing in the morning and evening, and apply to the whole face until absorbed.

2. Put two drops in makeup water and pat the whole face until absorbed. Shelf life: The latest batch, the shelf life is 3 years. Use up within 6 months after opening. Efficacy: repair damaged skin, fade acne spots, shrink pores, resist oxidation and anti-aging, improve redness. Use with EGF stock solution: 1. With toner, essence: soothe repair and stabilize the healthy state of the skin 2. With mask: The mask essence effectively penetrates into the bottom of the skin and fades acne marks 3. With lotion, cream, sunscreen: double the absorption, tender and not sticky 4. With shampoo, body wash, body lotion: the skin is more supple and lubricated. Shino doctor egf repair stock solution can be used directly: Shino doctor egf can directly act on the skin, take an appropriate amount of product and apply it to acne marks or wounds. It can quickly stop bleeding on small wounds and be used in the first step after cleansing. Whether it is water milk or cream, it can be mixed with Shino doctor egf repair stock solution and used according to normal care practices. The main function of EGF is that everyone contains EGF. In infancy and young children, the content of EGF in the skin is rich, so the skin is smooth, delicate, ruddy, plump and elastic. With the growth of age, after the age of 22, the content of EGF in the skin gradually loses, and pigmentation, wrinkles, dryness and no light, and elasticity will appear. Therefore, the amount of EGF in human skin will determine the quality of the skin. Supplementing EGF through external assistance can effectively delay skin aging and keep the skin in a youthful state. EGF is a human epidermal cell growth factor. He won the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine in 1986 and the highest science and technology award in the American “Science” magazine in 1990. At first, EGF was studied to treat gastric ulcers. Through its application, it was found that EGF has a good effect on activating, repairing and regenerating skin and muscle bottom cells. It can activate EGF in the skin to promote metabolism and achieve the effect of beauty and skin care. Due to its exact effect, it is praised as a “beauty factor” by the scientific and technological community.

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