Weight management

How do you keep track of weight days on your phone?

1 Take out your phone and find the health software. The icon of the health software is a square icon on a white background with a red heart on it.

manage your weight app

2 Click to enter the software display page. In this page, you can see your exercise and sleep status (set before) up to the current moment today. We click the second option at the bottom, “Health Data”, to open the health data.

3 In the health data page, you can see four different colored squares on it, clockwise showing fitness records, mindfulness training, nutritional intake, and sleep status. Then there are 3 different displays below. We want to record the weight. Here you need to click the second item “Body Measurement” displayed below.

4 In the body measurement page, the weight you have collected will be displayed. If we want to record today’s weight today, we need to click the “fat-free weight” option below.

5 After clicking, you will enter the display page of the fat-free weight. We click the plus sign in the upper right corner of this page and are ready to add a new weight record.

6 Enter the weight you want to record in the page that opens later. It should be noted that the weight unit filled in is kilograms. After entering the data, click the Add button in the upper right corner.

After 7, it will return to the display page of the fat-free weight. Now this page will display the weight information just added. Have you learned this method? Hope it helps you!!!

BMI Calculation Mini Program?

This program is used to calculate body mass index (BMI). BMI is a calculation method used to measure whether the body weight is normal (normal or fat or thin). This method uses a person’s weight and height as the main calculation basis.

The program mainly involves simple controls such as Activity, Toast, Menu, Button, AlertDialog, TextView, EditView, RadioButton, RadioGroup, etc., and knowledge about the use of SharedPreferences.

Calculate your body mass index (BMI) for free.

How to enter the Mini Program of the Smart BMI Weight Calculator

1. Click the sign in WeChat – scan – scan the page Mini Program code – open the Mini Program;

2. In WeChat – Discover – Mini Program, search for the Smart BMI Weight Calculator to find and open.

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