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How do women over the age of 50 wear makeup?

When people reach the age of 50, their skin has not yet lost its luster. When applying makeup, they should try to make themselves look younger. However, they should not go too far. Generally speaking, the makeup color should be lighter, and it is appropriate to be solemn and generous. Face: Use skin care products first. After the age of 50, the skin is dry and the oil on the face is reduced. When choosing skin care products, pay attention to choosing some oily ones. In addition, people of this age have coarser skin and the base color should be slightly thicker, but to make the skin feel healthy, it is best to apply a blush. The color should be light. Choose a red similar to the base color and apply a thin layer. If the base color is too light, the blush should be pink. Eyebrows: Women over the age of 50 should pay attention to the principle of solemnity and generosity, and avoid excessive modification. Usually, brown or black eyebrow pencil can be used for a little modification. The outline of the eyebrows, eyebrows, and tips should not be too obvious, the two ends should be shallow, and the middle should be thick, so as to show the beauty of the elderly. Eyes: It is the key to makeup. First, you need to draw eyeliner. After the age of 50, the skin of the eyes is loose, forming a natural eyeshadow. Eyeshadow can soften the eyes and make up for some defects of the eyes. People of this age should have blue, gray, green and other cool colors, and the base color can be brown, purple, yellow and other warm colors. Eyelashes: It is not advisable to over-modify eyelashes. As for light, thin, and less eyelashes, you can apply a small amount of mascara to make it stand out. Nose shadow: Apply light, brownish-red nose shadow to coordinate the face and make it more coordinated. The nose shadow should be light and even, without leaving obvious makeup marks. Lip: Lip therapy is a facial organ that can express feelings. Light red, fleshy, and rose are the most commonly used colors. When applying, the upper lip should be darker, the lower lip lighter, and the lip shape should be bright and clear, especially with the color of the clothes and accessories on the body.

skin care routine for women over 50

How does a 50-year-old woman wear makeup?

50-year-old women need to pay attention to the following points when making up:

Basic skin care: 50-year-old women’s skin is more sensitive and prone to dryness, fine lines and other problems. Therefore, they need to do a good job of basic skin care before making up, including cleaning, moisturizing, and applying skin care products that suit their own skin.

Choose the right foundation: 50-year-old women’s skin is often dry, so they need to choose a foundation with better moisturizing properties to avoid too heavy and heavy covering effect. You can try to use BB cream or CC cream with light texture.

Focus on eyebrow modification: With age, the color and shape of the eyebrows also change. It is recommended to use soft tones to modify the eyebrow shape to make the facial features more delicate.

Eye Makeup: With age, there will be wrinkles and slack in the eyes, so you need to pay attention to the selection of suitable eyeshadow and eyeliner. You can use some natural tones, such as beige, gray, dark green, etc., and it is not advisable to use too bright colors.

Lip Makeup: The color of the lips of women over 50 years old often changes. It is recommended to use a softer pink or nude lipstick to create a healthy and natural makeup effect.

In short, 50-year-old women need to pay attention to the principle of “natural, light, elegant and delicate” when applying makeup. It is not advisable to use too heavy makeup to create a strong, generous and decent image.

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