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How do the skin care products at the franchised counter enter the country?

Most categories need to apply for cosmetic approval (called CFDA or SFDA filing) to import, such as masks, creams, essences, shampoos, foundations, lipsticks… All need to apply for approval filing. There are hand sanitizers (more than 50% bacteriostatic and more than 80% sterilization), soaps, toothpastes, aromatherapy, essential oils, semi-finished cosmetics, etc.

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Approval filing is divided into two types according to the efficacy of the product. 1) Special categories of approval, such as products with whitening, freckle removal and other effects, need to be handled at the Beijing Food and Drug Bureau, and the aging period is about 8-10 months. 2) Non-special approval documents, such as products with moisturizing, hydrating and other effects, can be handled in Beijing or the place of registration, and the aging period is 3-6 months.

2. Confirm whether the documents required for other imports are complete,

The documents required for import are, approval, foreign language packaging and translation of the product, Chinese label, production date certificate, certificate of origin, ingredient percentage formula table, box list, fa/piao, purchase contract, bill of lading, declaration elements, the importer needs to have the right to import and export, and the consignee needs to file (the above-mentioned information is required for import, and the import declaration can be made if there is such information, no other information is required)

3. After confirming that the information is complete, it is necessary to confirm whether the imported product has Chinese labels and import ports

The requirements of different ports are also different. The requirements of some ports without Chinese labels must be rectified at the customs The warehouse can only be released after labeling (the customs rectification warehouse labeling price is relatively expensive). Some ports can directly mention that there is no labeling. Some ports only need to enter the warehouse for labeling if they are selected for dynamic inspection and release (the general probability is 10% -20%, and the inspection rate of goods from Japan to China will be very high). Of course, if there is no Chinese label released, the importer should also add it by himself to win the bidding, otherwise it will be punished if it is caught by the Municipal Supervision Bureau when it is put into the market.

4. Import process

1) Provide the box slip, confirm the shipping schedule, and start booking

2) Foreign pickup and transportation to the port

3) The goods arrive at the port and start export customs declaration, certificate of origin

4) Start sea and air transportation

5) Arrive at the port of destination, submit the information and start to declare and pay taxes, label, and release

6) Domestic delivery (quarantine health certificate issued within one week)

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