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How do I use the Aux Bluetooth Scale?

1. Turn on the power of the Aux Scale and make sure it is already connectable.

ccmc weight management program

2. Turn on the Bluetooth function of your phone or other Bluetooth device.

3. Search for nearby Bluetooth devices in your phone.

4. Find and select a device name named Aux Scale or similar.

5. Enter the pairing password, if available. Usually, the pairing password can be found in the device’s instruction manual or box.

6. Wait for the Bluetooth device to establish a connection with your phone or other Bluetooth device. Once the connection is successful, you will receive a notification or see the logo that the device is connected.

7. Open the relevant weight management application and make sure that the application has been connected with the Aux scale.

8. Now, you can start using the Aux scale for weighing and transfer the data to the connected device.

Please note that the connection steps for the Aux scale may vary for different models and brands. Therefore, it is recommended that you refer to the instructions for the Aux scale or contact the manufacturer for a more detailed connection guide.

What does Noom mean?

Noom is not a generic English word and may refer to a brand, company, app, or person’s name. Its meaning can be determined based on the specific context.

For example, in the fitness and weight loss arena, Noom usually refers to NoomCoach, a user-oriented weight loss coaching app that provides weight loss programs, tools, and group support, among others. The app is designed to help users lose weight and improve their health through carb and calorie control, exercise, and healthy lifestyle changes.

Noom may also be the name of some other brand, product, company, app, or person’s name if the specific context is not known.

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