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How do I read the feeding amount on the dog food bag? Why can’t I understand it?

Thank you for counting the particles of dog food. According to the weight and various strange feeding methods, it is easiest to look at the recommended feeding amount behind the dog food bag. According to the weight, the amount of dog food may be 50% different. Therefore, the feeding amount of each dog food needs to be paid attention to is different. In addition, the puppy does not have the concept of being full. How much to eat is combined with the recommended feeding amount. It depends on the situation of Baba, and the degree of softness and hardness can adjust the amount of dog food. Also, in fact, I think Golden Retriever is easier to raise than Schnauzer and small deer dogs. Don’t have psychological pressure.

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How much dog food should a four-month VIP weigh four catties?

Feed puppy food at 30% of the dog’s body weight, 4 times a day, and change it to 20-25% after half a year old, 3 meals a day. After 8 months, change it to dog food, and the amount is the same as half a year old. Buy a tasting pack first to see which flavor the dog likes before buying a large package. If it is a big brand of packaged dog food, there are generally tasting packs. Bulk food is not recommended, and bulk food is not very safe. If the seller is a familiar and genuine source, you can also consider it.

How much dog food do German shepherds eat every day for 40 kg body weight?

German shepherd puppies are best fed milk cakes, about 250 grams a day, fed in three to four times, and adult German shepherds are fed about 400 grams of dog food a day, fed in two to three times. The amount of food each dog eats varies depending on its physique and eating habits. The owner can feed it according to the actual amount of food the dog eats, and do not feed it too much or too little.

How many grams of dog food are 9kg corgis fed per day?

9kg corgis are fed about 150 grams of dog food per day

The following relationship between dog weight and feeding amount is for your reference only.

Weight 1 to 5 kilograms, 35 to 100 grams

Weight 5 to 12 kilograms, 100 to 220 grams

Weight 12 to 25 kilograms, 220 to 420 grams

Weight 25 kilograms or more, 420 grams or more

This is a more authoritative data that specifies the daily consumption range of dogs. Under normal circumstances, the owner can make specific adjustments according to this range. The so-called specific adjustment refers to the dog being in a special period, such as the dog being pregnant and trying to feed as much as possible; when the dog is small, if you don’t want the dog to grow too large, you can try to limit the food. If it is a large dog, try to limit it Food.

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