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How do Huawei mobile phones see body indicators?

Open the Huawei Sports Health App, click the “Weight” card on the “Health” page, confirm that the user avatar in the upper right corner is the current user, tap “Measure” at the bottom of the page after activating the body fat scale, and click “Measure” according to the prompts on the App interface; or on the App “Device” page, find the connected body fat scale, click to enter the device details page, and tap “Start Measurement” after activating the body fat scale, and measure according to the prompts on the App interface.

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2. After the measurement, you can view the measurement results of weight, body mass index BMI, fat rate, skeletal muscle mass, visceral fat level, body type, basal metabolic rate, water rate, bone salt content, protein, fat-free weight, body age, heart rate, body score and other data on the Huawei Sports Health App

How to modify the starting weight of Huawei Health Exercise?

It cannot be set separately. If you have a wearable device such as a Huawei bracelet/watch connected, Sports Health will count the steps of the mobile phone and wearable device and perform intelligent calculation

There will be more steps in the Sports Health App than the bracelet/watch. You can click on the connected device to enter the Facility Management page to view the separate step counting data of the wearable device. Sports Health App counts all mobile phone step counting data under the current Huawei account and performs intelligent calculation

If your account is logged in on multiple mobile phones at the same time, there will be more step counting.

How to modify the weight in Apple Health?

Please follow these steps:

1. Open the “Health” app and click on the “Profile” button in the upper right corner.

2. Scroll to the next page and click on the “Height and Weight” option.

3. On the next screen you will see the “Weight” section. Click on the drop-down arrow.

4. In the pop-up menu, select the unit of weight you wish to use, e.g. kilograms or pounds.

5. Click on the “Back” button at the top of the page and your changes will be saved automatically.

This way, you have successfully changed the weight unit in the “Health” app.

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