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How do acne boys take proper skin care?

For adolescent boys, proper skin care is essential. First, use a gentle cleanser to avoid over-cleansing, once in the morning and once in the evening.

the ordinary skin care routine for acne scars

Second, use a non-alcoholic toner to help balance the pH of the skin.

Third, use a acne cream containing salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide, which is applied topically to the acne, which has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects.

Fourth, avoid squeezing the acne to prevent infection and scarring. Finally, pay attention to hydration and moisturization, and use a moisturizer without oil to keep the skin supple and healthy.

What kind of skin care for acne and acne?

Acne-type acne is caused by excessive sebum secretion, so it is necessary to choose skin care products with oil control, bacteriostatic, anti-inflammatory and other effects.

It is recommended to choose cleaning products containing salicylic acid, fruit acid and other ingredients, which can effectively clean pores and shrink pores. At the same time, the use of makeup water, essence and cream containing tea tree oil, squalane, L-vitamin C and other ingredients can achieve the effect of oil control, acne removal, anti-inflammatory and bacteriostatic, and make the skin healthy and smooth. In addition, acne-type acne needs to pay attention to diet, eat less spicy and stimulating foods, drink more water, and maintain good living habits, so that the skin can be fully maintained and cared for.

The correct skin care method for adolescent acne?

The first is to gently clean and reduce irritation. It is recommended to use a mild weakly acidic synthetic cleanser and wash the skin with warm water instead of hot water. Generally clean twice a day.

The second is to choose non-acne skin care products. It is recommended to choose non-acne skin care and makeup products, such as lotion-based moisturizing products or light-textured creams.

The third is to avoid sun exposure. Long-term ultraviolet radiation can aggravate the keratinization of the skin and also cause photoaging of the skin.

The fourth is to avoid acne squeezing, and do not prick or squeeze skin lesions as much as possible, so as not to increase the chance of scarring.

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