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How can men’s dry skin be moisturized?

Boys’ dry skin needs hydration to moisturize. To replenish water, you must choose a good moisturizing water, such as a moisturizing water with a lot of oil content, but many moisturizing water on the market contains very rich alcohol ingredients, so when we choose, we should take some and pat it on our hands to see if it can stick to the skin. You can also use a moisturizer with oil in water to replenish water.

dry skin care routine for men

The correct steps for boys’ basic skin care?

Facial cleanser cleansing, toner, lotion, cream or dew. Men’s face is generally oily. In spring, it is best to use a mild facial cleanser and cleansing soap to wash their face, so that they can not let the skin’s own moisture evaporate while washing their face. Men with dry skin can use some foam-free facial cleansers, preferably moisturizing, because spring is a windy climate, the main moisturizing is enough.

How to do the little white skin care process for boys?

The first step of skin care is always cleansing. Most men’s skin has strong oil secretion, which is easy to clog pores, generate acne and acne. They need to clean their skin before skin care.

The second step is to shave. You can choose whether to remove the beard according to your personality.

The third step is to wake up the skin and replenish water. Using a toner can quickly replenish water. It is recommended to use a firming water for oily skin, a toner for healthy skin, and a softener for dry skin.

The fourth step is moisturizing and maintaining. In summer, you can choose a coagulation cream and lotion with a refreshing texture, and in winter, it is recommended to choose a thicker cream. You can also use the serum if conditions permit. The fifth step is sunscreen, just apply sunscreen to your face.

Steps to use men’s skin care products?

Men have thicker skin than women, larger pores, and more and more developed sebaceous glands. They have a thicker stratum corneum. The sex hormones of men and women are different. The secretion of male sebaceous glands and sweat glands is relatively strong. In addition, the pH value of male skin is acidic, the skin is prone to greasy, and there is more sweat. Therefore, cleaning is indeed the top priority of men’s skin care. The following editor takes you to see the steps to use men’s skin care products.

1. Cleansing: that is, washing your face, hehe, you can choose the cleansing products that suit you. Boys are best to use some refreshing cleansing products, which can remove too much oil from the face, so that the skin will not feel unpleasant due to excessive oil secretion from the sebum, and also prevent acne. Using the correct cleansing is the first step in skin care.

2. That is, the next step after cleansing, according to the needs of the skin, it is divided into dry, medium, and oily, which is equivalent to the second cleaning. It helps the skin maintain the balance of water and oil, moisturizes and maintains, helps the absorption of other skin care products, reduces the loss of elastic fibers and collagen, and makes the skin look smooth. Toning is necessary, use toner [different properties, such as making the skin bright, hydrating, degreasing, oil control, etc.], toner and makeup water, astringent water are of the same category. It’s just that the names are different, and the effect is the same [Note: it is divided by nature]. If boys use some refreshing, if the complexion is dull, they can choose bright water at this step, or they can choose a toner with oil balance.

3. Cream, milk, care: The care mentioned here is to use some cream milk and the like, which are divided into dry, neutral, and oily according to the needs of individual skin types. Boys generally use gel or milk night is better, because most boys will soon have oil on their faces. Gel or milk night can keep you feeling refreshed, not as unpleasant as using cream. I personally think that too much or too little cream is still more greasy than milk night.

4. Nutrition: That is to say, give your face a mask, a mask, hehe, because the mask can more directly give facial nutrition and the desired effect, and can supplement the lack of “nutrition”. I have to make masks every day. Now I use four types, three are liquid boxes, and one is single-piece. People will say why so many types are used. In fact, you will know after a long time. No mask can truly achieve hydration, whitening, detoxification, brightening, and exfoliation, so choose the right and inexpensive stuff to use.

Precautions: Men are most afraid of having a burden on their face when taking care of their skin, and hate the feeling of their face being “pasted” by skin care products. This is different from women who like to use oily and nutritious skin care products, so “zero burden” products that do not feel on their face are important criteria for judging the quality of men’s skin care products. Refreshing cleansing products, aftershave water, firming water, and non-greasy, quickly penetrating moisturizing and moisturizing moisturizers are all men’s first choice when using skin care products.


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