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How can I use the essence water and Guerlain Restoration Honey together?

The answer is as follows: The essence water and Guerlain Restoration Honey can be used together to provide moisturizing and nourishing effects to the skin.

how to put together skin care routine the ordinary

First, clean the face with cleansing products, then gently pat dry the face.

Next, use an appropriate amount of essence water to pour on a cotton pad, then gently wipe the entire face until the essence water is fully absorbed.

Then, take an appropriate amount of Guerlain Restoration Honey and pour it into the palm of your hand and gently massage until the honey-like object melts. Then apply the honey-like object evenly to the face and gently massage until absorbed.

Finally, you can apply cream or other skin care products according to your personal needs to complete the entire skin care routine.

Please note that before and after using essence water and Guerlain recovery honey, you should follow the product instructions and personal skin conditions to avoid excessive use or excessive massage.

Correct steps of skin care routine?

Morning skin care: cleansing → toner → eye cream → facial essence → lotion → face cream → sun protection.

Evening skin care: makeup remover → cleansing → toner → eye cream → facial essence → lotion → face cream.


1. Cleansing:

Do not alternate between hot and cold water when washing your face, which will make the skin blood vessels become extremely sensitive and fragile, resulting in redness. You can directly cleanse your face with water in the morning, and suggest facial cleanser cleanser in the evening for a more thorough cleaning. Facial cleanser uses Internet celebrity Frifangsi amino acid facial cleanser, which is rich and delicate in foam, and is clean and not tight when washing your face.

2. Toner

After washing your face, take a toner for your skin, which can not only effectively hydrate the skin, but also clean the skin for the second time. It is recommended to use it with Unica’s 1/2 water-saving cotton pad.

3. Muscle bottom fluid

It is recommended to apply muscle bottom fluid before applying essence. It is equivalent to an appetizer for the skin, which can make the nutrients of subsequent skin care products better absorbed by the skin.

4. Eye cream

Before the age of 25, it is recommended to use ordinary moisturizing eye cream; 25 use anti-aging eye cream. When applying eye cream, not only apply to the skin under the eyes, but also to a circle of skin around the eyes. Squeeze a soybean-sized eye cream, tap it lightly with your fingers, and massage in circles until absorbed.

5. Essence

Essence is the best in skin care products. The ingredients are exquisite and the effect is remarkable, and it has become a must-have step in skin care. Buy soil too! Before the age of 25, moisturizing essence; after the age of 25, antioxidant essence; after the age of 30, anti-aging essence.

6. Lotion or cream

(In summer, to avoid greasy, just choose one of the lotions and creams. Use both in the dry season of autumn and winter) Lotions and creams are good helpers to help the skin lock in water.

7. Sunscreen

Sunscreen should be applied every day throughout the year, and each dosage is the size of a coin. Apply 30 minutes before going out, and reapply every 2 hours. (Use a mist-like sunscreen spray to reapply sunscreen after applying makeup)

8. Remove makeup

After makeup, be sure to remove makeup carefully. Remove makeup requires the use of professional makeup remover products. Only then can the residual substances of cosmetics on the skin be removed, and then washed with a facial cleanser.

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